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Why wait until Dec 1st to start your advent calender, mine runs from Jan 1st through till Dec 25th.

As a project it's pretty simple, buy 15 calenders which have 24 doors in a 4x6 arrangement (actually only 360 days).
Tape them all side by side and then give them an interesting paint job.

My calender looks a bit modern arty, but each colour actually represents a different month which makes it a bit easier to figure out where you should be. Being greedy I left 2 days for Dec 25th.

This and all my other project can be found on my blog


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-01-16

This is a cute project! You should enter it into the Holiday Gifts Contest!

Biggsy (author)2012-12-04

hehehehehe... my diabetic nurse curses you!

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