36V 14.5Ah Li-ion Battery Designed for a Small 1.5L Frame Bag


Introduction: 36V 14.5Ah Li-ion Battery Designed for a Small 1.5L Frame Bag

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Building of a 36V 14.5Ah 50 cells battery for a specific 1.5L frame bag. An interesting solution for easy installation and quick battery release. The cell configuration and nickel pattern took a great timelooking for the best shape and current sharing. The finishing was extremely strong fixed, taking advance of how the velcro straps are placed. Frame bag still has around 0.4L available.specifications:

- 36V 14.5Ah

- 10s5p with Samsung INR18650 29E (LiNiCoAlO2 cells)

- 40A max continuous capabitity and 100A max peak

- Built-in balancing circuit BMS 20A continuous limit

- XT60 connectors for charge and discharge ports

- 2.5Kg

- 1.05 Liters

- energy density: ~540Wh/L

- specific energy: ~215Wh/Kg.




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    Easy peasy - if you got such a welder. Where was mine? Oh, I scavenged it for a toaster last year. Too bad :-P

    Nice build! :)

    Can you please add the instructions on how to make this? Sorry if it is an integrated video, the app does not show them yet, sadly.