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023. 3D
The knife is made from 1/8" steel and the handle from wood salvaged from a wooden pallet.  The main blade is 10" long and 3"  at its widest pont.  A second bayonet style blade is 5" by 1/2" is above the main blade coming off at a 90 degree angle ( a picture of this blade is shown in the insert at the top left of the picture).  The third blade at the end of the wrap around handle is 2 1/4" long ant 1 1/8" at its widest point.

The overall length of the knife is 14" by 4 1/4" at its widest point.

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    I keep coming back to this instructable and loving the knife and look. Do you do use a forge and hammers, is it it more cut and grind?

    Unfortunately I do not use a forge and hammers, I do not have the use of one, and as I am renting, and have not attempted to make one. I would like to have one as then I can harden all my knives, and do not have the use of even a kiln in the town I live.
    This knife was made by just cut and grind, although I had a piece welded on (joined on under the handle) to give the depth I wanted.
    The trick for the 9j0 degree piece on the blade is as I made it from a piece of channel iron from a trailer.

    Great knives, make an instructable for is.

    thank you , if I were to make an instructable for this one it would be without pictures. The trick was, I made this one from channel iron.