Step 2: Electronics

Everything needs to be soldered together...In a way...

NOTE: The 3 axis sensor is an expensive little thing double check the wiring before powering the all thing up...

See the schematics attached for all the wiring used in this project.

The attached source code can only work if you use the same pin numbers I did, but feel free to change those when connecting as long as you change the appropriate numbers in the code.

Connecting the 3 axis sensor to the logic level converter:
Sensor VCC -> Arduino 3V3
Sensor GND -> Arduino Gnd
Sensor SDA -> Converter TXI (Chan1)
Converter TXO (Chan1) -> Arduino ANALOG IN 4
Sensor SCL -> Converter TXI (Chan2)
Converter TXO (Chan2) -> Arduino ANALOG IN 5
Converter GND (at least one of them) -> Arduino Gnd
Converter HV -> Arduino 5V
Converter LV -> Arduino 3V3

Optical sensor to Arduino:
See attached image
Digital in = Pin 11 on the Arduino

GND to some GND (I used one of the optical sensor)
+ to Arduino PIN 13 (This was done since this pin already have an on-board resistor, if you use a different one, make sure to use a resistor so you wont burn the LED)

you also could use a wii-remote!
<p>can you elaborate the procedure ,please ?</p>
nice work.maybe you can use a software named Virtools for solving the 3d show.Arduino+Virtools.
Pretty cool!&nbsp;I remember the first time I ever saw any metion of this was while watching the movie Lawnmower Man, they guy used an 'air mouse'.<br /> <br /> Any fatigue issues with having your hand elevated and using the mouse? Or is it designed for more of a specific application, then back to 2D.<br /> <br /> Great build!<br />
<em><strong>Thanks</strong></em><br /> <br /> I'll be the first to admit I didn't use it long enough to feel any fatigue issues.<br /> <br /> The way I see it, this was designed for CAD software (SolidWorks in my case), where a lot of the action is still in 2D (The actual modeling, dimensions, selecting features etc.) and 3D-model-rotation is only a small part of the work (Changing views etc.)<br /> <br /> Plus, practical point of view aside - it was a cool and fun project to build :)<br />

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