Step 9: Don't let the other perspectives feel left out.

Picture of Don't let the other perspectives feel left out.
Just to show the power of this vantage-point business:

SHOT 1: My man showing you this baby's actual dimensionality- so shoulders to about three-quarters down his leg.

SHOT 2: Straight-overhead shot.

SHOT 3: Where we put our big blue 'X'.

VID: How subtle movements change the object/ 360-view.

FastgrafX3 years ago
Where the Wall graphic you were talking about? Im a graphic desinger who specializes in signage and vehicles, wanted to apply this to doing my floor graphics and woulld liek to see some wall graphics. I have been foolin around with the floor graphics using the grid tech. But really wanna see the walls and how its done. WOuld like to apply some techniques to my vehicle wraps also!
pechka6 years ago
Love this! Thanks. I know from preserving my son's toddler drawings on cement, that pouring floorwax over chalk drawings will extend their lives quite a bit, though I don't know how long they'd last under tires. (The more layers of floor wax, the longer the drawing will last.) I'd think that w/o any "coating" that the drawing would be wiped out by one car. How does the technique change for doing a 3-D drawing on a flat verticle surface like a wall?
Very Cool. GREAT Job... Have you ever tried the grid method? I drew up a grid in Coreldraw, then take a photo or picture, and stretch it to the grid in Coreldraw. Then, I go to the sidewalk and draw the picture gridded out. Works pretty good. I have the grid if you want it..You will need Coreldraw, though... www.tattoosfromgrease.com