Hello, I have designed a 3D business card for projection artists.
Too easy to make! Check it out!

Business cards are often thrown away if it is a flat boring card.
I have designed a business card which transforms into a 3D pop-up card.
This lets people experience a simple paper craft and display it on a proper spot for decoration.
Further more, card itself represents the person (projection artist), which kind of projection
art they are expert in. (3D projection mapping? Corner projection? Interactive? etc).

Step 1: Download the PDF File.

Download the following PDF file.


Thank you! These cards are so much fun to make, even if not used as business cards. Also, this idea can be used to create tall skyscrapers and the what-not.
Oooo neat-o Maybe I can design a pop up book thing like this. Hummmm
This is cool. I did something similar for my Adobe Design class. We had to make an interesting business card. I glued mine together.

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