Among the many 3D CAD programs, We will be demonstrating how to use a program called Alibre Design for this 3D CAD Tutorial, presenting the Revolve feature.

Other Programs will be introduced at some time in the future.

The first Tutorial will use a series of images grouped to supplement the text instructions in a set of 11 steps from beginning to end to create a simple Cerial Bowl.

You will be introduced to launching Alibre Design, strating a Part Workspace, setting up some basic conditions to make sketching easier, and then proceeding with sketching a basic outline of the Bowl, followed by some editing of the sketch and adding of fillets to smooth the shape, adding color and reflective elements, and saving the file.

Please continue to the next step to begin learning 3D CAD Modeling with Alibre Design.

Note! Due to unidentified issues with images & sizes - The displayed images in the instruction steps in this tutorial don't seem to show at the correct width of 652 pixels and are 'squished' so as to sometimes be unreadable. You might want to see the original html for this if you want to see the images at full size.

Step 1: 3D CAD Non-Animated Tutorial #1 - Revolve - Launch Program

First Launch Alibre Design

Then click on the New Part icon in the Alibre Design Home Window and open a new part workspace.
try using <a rel="nofollow" href="http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?siteID=123112&id=7639525">maya,</a> a very powerful 3D designer.<br/><br/>not trying to spam, just keeping an open audience. <br/>
it's a bit tall for a bowl..
This is great, I recently started using Alibre to do some 3D drafting/Modeling. I pretty much only learned through Trial and Error without any real tutorials. I hope to see more like these helpful ones.

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