3D CAD Non-Animated Tutorial - Feature #1 - Revolve - Basics

Step 8: 3D CAD Non-Animated Tutorial - Revolve - Continue Editing - Adding Fillets

Now to continue to repeat this process, filleting the remaining lines.

Select the First 45° down line (Line<2>), Click
Select the Bottom Line (Line<3>), Click,
Click Apply

Click the Bottom Line (Line<3>), and Click the Secon 45° line (Line<4>),
Click Apply

Click Line<4> and the next up-sloped line (Line<5>), Click Apply

Click Line<5> and the Vertical line (Line<6>), click Apply

Click Line<6> and the top line (Line<7>), Click Apply

Click Line<7> at the inside top edge, and the vertical inside line (Line<8>), Click Apply

Click the bottom of Line<8> and the inside Bottom Horizontal line (Line<9>), Click Apply

on the Fillet Figures Dialog, Click Close.
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