3D Cardboard & Duct Tape Deer Head Trophy with Template

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Picture of 3D Cardboard & Duct Tape Deer Head Trophy with Template
a deer head (1).JPG
Create this 3D cardboard model from the supplied template using recycled cardboard covered in duct tape. So no need to have matching color or non-printed cardboard, the duct tape covering makes it all match. Let your creativity flow and use contrasting, matching, or multiple colors or patterns of duct tape to personalize your project. Don't worry its an easy to create project, however it is time consuming so allow ample time.
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
deer head (2).JPG
deer head (3).JPG
 Materials Needed:
  • Cardboard
  • Ruler
  • Marking Pencil or Pen
  • Utility Knife w/ Extra Blades
  • Scissors
  • Tin Shears (optional)
  • Scotch Tape
  • Shipping Tape
  • Duct Tape
  • 1/2" thick foam spacer (I used shipping foam sheets but any similar material would work)
  • Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
  • Can Pull Tab for Hanger or other method of hanging finished project

Step 2: Download Template & Print

Picture of Download Template & Print
deer head (84).JPG
deer head (99).JPG
Select the appropriate template for your use.
Download & Print out the complete template scaling to any size you choose.
  1. All images in .JPG format using tiled page layout (32 pages in all)
  2. Adobe Illustrator .AI format Full Size for you to scale up or down
  3. Corel Draw .CDR format Full Size for you to scale up or down
  4. Auto Cad .DXF format Full Size for you to scale up or down
See the scale differences in the second image below. To create the project pictured in this instructable I used the .JPG format using tiled pages and printed it at 5" x 7" with 2 pages printed on each page, creating a finished project size of 20" H x 12" W x 14" D. Using the full size template the finished project dimensions are 30" H x 22" W x 24" D approximately.

Step 3: Assemble Printed Template Pages

Picture of Assemble Printed Template Pages
deer head (10).JPG
deer head (11).JPG
deer head (12).JPG
deer head (4).JPG
deer head (5).JPG
deer head (7).JPG
deer head (8).JPG
deer head (9).JPG
deer head (13).JPG
deer head (14).JPG
deer head (15).JPG
deer head (16).JPG
deer head (17).JPG
deer head (18).JPG
deer head (19).JPG
deer head (20).JPG
deer head (21).JPG
deer head (22).JPG
deer head (23).JPG
deer head (24).JPG
deer head (25).JPG
Assemble printed pages by taping together creating a full template.
  1. Trim any excessive paper off using the rectangle frame as your guide
  2. Line up your prints
  3. Carefully tape pages together using small pieces of scotch tape in several locations
  4. Use clear shipping tape to go over the joined pages in both directions flip and tape again in both directions
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ЖеняС4 months ago

Thanks for the templates.

Фото 22.11.14, 15 55 14.jpgФото 22.11.14, 15 55 56.jpg

where is the links to download?

I'm sorry, I also can't find the download.

Could you give me a hint where I can find the vector templates?

tomijp5 months ago

wheres download? :/

MichelR15 months ago

Thank u so much! this helped me like a loooot! It is for a project school :D

iceplop made it!6 months ago

Great instructable! I had a lot of fun with this, thanks!

dmacdo17 months ago

weaseljones do you still have the Sketchup files or a link where they could be found? I would love to make one just like "Myrtle"!

weaseljones2 years ago
Great job! A couple years back I made one lifesized on my CNC from files I found in the Google Sketchup Library. Unfortunately the wife and my deer head "Myrtle" didn't get along so I kept the wife and had to find a home for Myrtle. :)
I would love to shoot and mount a buck of this size one day. This particular buck is more masculine with it's flared out neck (as if it was in rut) and impressive antler spread. Did you create the template you used? If so, you should post the template. I am sure I am not the only one that would like to make this one to. Thanks
haschemi1 year ago
really awesome.
Buffalo691 year ago
Thanks for the templates. I made a couple of small variations so that it could hold the weight of MDF and ply. I printed mine onto A4 paper and it's a big beast.

Love it.
My deer.jpg
Thinking of making it with wood for strength an then paper mâchéing it to look like those ridiculously expensive resin ones, then just spray paint it white?
jkim8021 year ago
Awesome tutorial. I just made one off your instructions with foam board. It cost about $20 at Micheals for foam boards and blades. I gotta say, cutting foam board with an xacto blade is hard if you want the edges cleanly cut.
Jkim802: There's a trick to it that I had to be taught. On the first pass with utility blade, don't try to get all the way through, or as you know, the board will act like you're cutting bread without a bread knife. Ideally, and for neatness, you should aim for one cut to take you about 3 passes. I know, that makes it all the more time cosuming, but the trick is to not push down too much on the board, or even cardboard for that matter, and you'll be getting those exquisite cuts that you're wanting. Just keep a sharp blade!
I need one of a trophy "man" because I'm not married and have to do all of this stuff alone. That would be funny, the idea that I had to shoot and mount the cardboard man to get him to stay at home! Ha! Ha! I would have to put it behind the fence, because some people would probably not understand the humor, and take it as something threatening, and I wouldn't want people to think I am pro murder, I'm not even pro murder anything!
Poehls052 years ago
did you create the teplates?
jwc45202 years ago
coll just made a dragon the same way...used dollar tree foam board should be perfect for this project after all it's a buck a sheet.
codongolev2 years ago
can I get one of a moose? that's my housing group's mascot.
Anwyn2 years ago
Cool! Looks like an edited version of the plans I released a few years ago (the horns and ears are different though and it has fewer planes). My version was made specifically for miniatures, to be laser cut in card stock. The final piece was about 2" tall after it was all done. It was pretty cool.
I created my plans by gathering a bunch of reference photos of bucks and other antlered creatures for the modeling process. It was all done from scratch. After that was done, I sliced the model up with a plugin. It was all done manually then and took a bunch of time. Now, there is software that does it all for you (anyone who is interested should check out, it’s by autodesk).
But after making them and attempting to sell them to miniature enthusiasts, I got legal threats because apparently I'm a big fat thief - though as I said, I spent a bunch of hours modeling from scratch and did not copy anyone’s plans (to be fair, it’s not hard to do if I had wanted to, but the reason I modeled everything from scratch was because I didn’t want to!). Who knew you can own the copyright to cutting stuff out of cardboard? So to avoid a headache, I stopped selling and released to the plans wild.
I'm glad it's being put to use in larger form. Just be careful you don't get threatened with a lawsuit or slander or whatever!
Azzurro2 years ago
Dear? :D
I'd like a really big one of a bears head, or a elephant...
brazell2 years ago
I live in Alabama where everyone has trophy heads in their houses and a friend of mine gave me one of the kits one year for Christmas. We always say that my husband hit a 12-point "box" on the way home from work!
kcli2 years ago
Wish this Instructable had been written a few years back when I bought a similar kit for $30!

I always thought it would be neat to have a room filled with cardboard trophy animals (but not trophy wives).

Nice job!
jaceone2 years ago
Great woodworking project also!