This is a lesson for high school Biology students (usually Freshmen and Sophomores) who are studying the cellular unit.  The topic of this lesson is cell parts/organelles and the functions they serve. 

LEARNING OBJECTIVE/ instructional objective:  Usingclass notes, students will each construct a 3D representation of a cell with 10 labeled cell parts.

This project is part of a larger lesson.  My videos refer to a song/poem the students will be asked to write and other options for 3D cell models. This instructable is on how to make the example model: the fruit bowl version.

References (for the attatched handouts)
Armstrong, W. P. (2001) “Comparison Of Plant & Animal Cells.” Retrieved from

Step 1: Gather materials

-Handouts on cell structure-
-A clear mixing/tupperware bowl
-An orange
-A banana
-An apple
-A few raspberries
-Two cereal marshmallows
-Food coloring
-A couple chocolates
-Plastic forks
-A twist-tie
-A permanent marker
-Masking tape
-Clear (or very light-colored) gelatin mix (I would pre-mix and semi-cool the mix before giving it to students to save time/confusion)
Has to be 3d and can't use food... No idea how I'm gonna do the golgi
<p>Try using old electronics that you can take apart</p>
<p>me either </p><p>doing same thing</p>
<p>This is really cool!</p>
Good advice. I took it.<br><br>The overall project looks like this:<br>You are going to make a 3D model of a cell, any type of cell you want as long as it has at least 10 cell parts to label. I want you to have fun with this. Don&rsquo;t worry about perfection, in fact I&rsquo;m hoping for some imperfections, because you are going to explain your model&rsquo;s imperfections to me. That&rsquo;s worth five points. You&rsquo;re going to write something like &lsquo;My model has dots drawn on the rough endoplasmic reticulum instead of the rough ER having a bumpy surface, like in a real cell. Those bumps are ribosomes&hellip;&rsquo; etcetera. You have an opportunity for extra credit if you give me an impressive explanation of how the structure of the cell part affects the job it performs. You will also write a poem or a song (with a tune/beat) describing the functions of five of these cell parts.
I would cancel the song part here,otherwise the project is delicious to savor.

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