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Do you wear prescription glasses?  Do you like 3D movies?  Do you hate having to wear TWO pairs of glasses to watch these movies?  DIY to the rescue!

Create a pair of polarized Real3D clips so you can comfortably watch 3D movies with prescription glasses.

You need:
A pair of clip-on sunglasses that fit your prescription lenses.  $15 at walmart... be sure you can pop the lenses out.
TWO pair of Real3D movie glasses... yeah, you paid the 3D premium for them, don't recycle them next trip.  $6-$10 depending on your theater's markup.
Prescription glasses.  $GDP of a small island nation.  (just kidding.)

Step 1: Prepare the Lenses

First, place some masking tape on the lenses of the clips and one pair of the 3D glasses.

Then, using a marker, write which lens is left and which is right on each pair, and draw an arrow pointing UP on each piece.  It doesn't have to be perfect but try to be as precise as possible - the arrows on each same-side lens should point in exactly the same direction.  This is important for two reasons:
1. FIT - so the 3D lenses will fit once cut to shape and
2. POLARIZATION - the 3D lenses only work in one direction, if they're turned off-axis too far, they won't work at all.

Pop the lenses out of the clips.
<p>This is a sloution to a problem that shouldn't exist! Great solution! Great Instructable. Nice work.</p>
awesome my wife hates going to 3d movies with us for this very reason..going to make her some :) thanks
This is awesome! no more half fuzzy movies!<br>
I am so going to make these :)

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