Step 2: Rolling Out the Fondant

Roll out your fondant on a clean surface. Once you get a nice size of the rolled fondant use your round cookie cutter and cut out as many round pieces you can.

Felt - this piece will be your stamping pad that you will put the gel food coloring on. You will need 2 pieces of felt - 1 for the red and 1 for the blue. Make sure you have enough gel on the pad to cover the image of your rubber stamp. Be careful to only get the gel on the image not on the negative space. It can make the cookie have a "ugly" spot.

Using your blue food coloring gel pad pick up some ink on your rubber stamp and press the image to the prepared round pieces of fondant. Do all your pieces of fondant because you are going to clean your stamp with soap and water to get it clean for the next  color.
This is so awesome!
https://www.instructables.com/id/Gifts-For-Guys/<br><br>Put you in my gift guide for guys! Just thought I'd let you know :)
and i thought yhe food was already 3D
Mmmm...<br><br>I do not want to be killjoys, but you can not have 3D effect if both images are identical, as in this case. In fact, if you see the images with red-cyan glasses, you do not see stereo view.
I was just thinking the same, but I wonder if instead the picture will be 2D, yet &quot;jump out&quot; from the surface, kinda like a magic eye picture.
Yes, it is so.
How do you actualy &quot;stamp&quot; the fondant? - Do you just press down lightly on the felt to transfer the colouring?
Yes - just pickup some color from the felt then press into the fondant.
ok thx
this is the most amazing thing i have ever seen in my life
Omg thanks so much!!!! I like making amazing things ;)
very cool!
why don't you post a pic through the glasses? :) i used to do that at the 4D shows at disneyland :)
Very creative! These are really cool!
Thanks - they were so easy to make!!!!
I have never seen that done before! Awesome job! Wish I had the glasses to see them properly :)
Thanks - they &quot;really&quot; looked 3D when you put the glasses on. I was very happy the way they turned out!!!!

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