3D Cutout Halloween Decorations with iPad Sketchbook Pro

Picture of 3D Cutout Halloween Decorations with iPad Sketchbook Pro
You suddenly realize that Halloween is getting closer, and you need a decoration for the table!  What do you do?  Short (and fun) answer…grab an iPad 1 and a copy of Sketchbook Pro for the iPad, because you're going to make them yourself!
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Step 1: The First Side

Picture of The First Side
Begin by selecting a black mechanical pencil.  On the top of the screen select the box drawing mode to draw the basic rectangle, and then the line drawing mode to add the triangle and the wall dividing line.

Step 2: Duplicate the Side

Picture of Duplicate the Side
Duplicate the layer by selecting the layer tool at the top of the screen, and pressing the double plus sign.

Now press the quad arrow button at the top of the screen to manipulate the new layer.

Press the move layer button and follow the on-screen instructions to move the image next to the one below it.

Once you are satisfied with the position press the Done button.

Finally merge the layers by selecting the layer tool and pressing the Merge button.

Step 3: The Roofline

Picture of The Roofline
Select the box drawing mode again and create a rectangle that is longer than any single side and twice as wide as any side.

Now using box and/or line mode draw some tabs on the main body of the house.  These will be used later for gluing the house and roof together.

Step 4: The Fence

Picture of The Fence
For this step ensure that the box mode is selected at the top and that mirror mode is also turned on.

Starting from one side draw a box past the middle of the screen.  This will form the basis of the fence.

Next draw a small box on the outer end of the "fence" to form the gate.  Don't worry, it'll make sense soon.

Switch the drawing mode to freehand for this next step (stay in mirror mode).  Form a small curve inside the "gate" block from the top of the "fence" to the outer edge.

Now switch the drawing mode to line mode, and fill in lines to form the bars of the gate and fence.  They don't need to be perfect.  Draw some of the lines to tilt and lean.
Very very cute! I never would have thought to use sketchbook for this. :D
mrgregquimby (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thanks. This project was a fun opportunity for me to experiment, so I'm glad you liked it.