Picture of 3D Cutout Halloween Decorations with iPad Sketchbook Pro
You suddenly realize that Halloween is getting closer, and you need a decoration for the table!  What do you do?  Short (and fun) answer…grab an iPad 1 and a copy of Sketchbook Pro for the iPad, because you're going to make them yourself!

Step 1: The First Side

Picture of The First Side
Begin by selecting a black mechanical pencil.  On the top of the screen select the box drawing mode to draw the basic rectangle, and then the line drawing mode to add the triangle and the wall dividing line.
Very very cute! I never would have thought to use sketchbook for this. :D
mrgregquimby (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thanks. This project was a fun opportunity for me to experiment, so I'm glad you liked it.