3D DIY Christmas Tree Greeting Card





Introduction: 3D DIY Christmas Tree Greeting Card

Some times back I saw something like this on some site. Thought of trying it yesterday night.
Took a card stock paper of size 4inct x 3 inch
Traced 2 Christmas tree side by side
Drew a star over one of the tree
Now with a sharp blade cut the traced trees keeping some of the points connected (only cutting once works, some places are automatically left connected)
Cut vertical lines till half on both the trees. The tree with the star has line cut at the bottom half. The other tree has line cut at the top half
Got some good Christmas quotes from Brainy quotes and wrote them with a black gel pen (pardon my bad handwriting)
Done (send them to friends and family)

The recipient has to just read the message.
Remove the trees from the card (gently)
Assemble them
And enjoy! (Merry Christmas!)



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    I made this from scratch. Will add a pdf soon. Thx for the requirement!

    What if we use green paper instead of white ?

    You can use any paper you like. Just make sure the thickness of paper should match the width of the vertical slot. Cardboard can also be used, just that the slot has to be cut wider. You can also make it bigger.

    Thanks for the prompt reply. :)

    Great Work! :) Keep it Going

    Vere cool !!!
    Favorited and Voted for you.

    Thanks! Appreciated!

    This is so pretty! The handwriting gives it lots of character :D