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I thought it was quite interesting the different designs people have come out with on Instagram for Deadmau5 helmets but especially Davstr85. They come out with designs all the time and build them for people. But it seems this deadmau5 steampunk design was drawn out but never made. It looked so cool to me that I thought a better design was needed :) which I started and finished :D

I will eventually print this out but if there are any problems with other people printing it out do say where the problem was and ill try and fix it.
You Can Download The Design From Here:
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WoodydaYeeter (author)2015-11-25

This would look cool as an actual Mau5 head!

gears2kill (author)2014-06-10

I added a couple of imagines of the 3D printed version :)

gears2kill (author)2014-05-11

well Im currently having to modify it as the printer Im using (Makerbot x2) isnt printing it properly because of makerware/google-sketchup not getting along, so Ill try and post pictures when I get it right :) and thanks! p.s if anyone does print successfully using a different printer be sure to message me! :D

craftclarity (author)2014-05-08

Yeah, I agree. I want to see the print!

meowingtonsPHD (author)2014-04-30

looks good, it would look awesome if you made it!

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