3D Eiffel Tower With Laser Cuter





Introduction: 3D Eiffel Tower With Laser Cuter

This is my first Instructable


hope you like it :)

Step 1: Find Model

First, we need to find a solid Eiffel Tower model. In picture, i use Thingiverse to get the model i want. You can use other site like GrabCAD or you can make one by yourself.

Step 2: "Slice" the Model

An easy and fast way to slice the model is using 123D Make from Autodesk. And it's free :)

Download and install it. Then open the app and following pictures.

Step 3: Add More Thing...

Now, let's open the .dxf file and add some stuff :)

1. Rearrange the layers

2. And create holder layers.

Step 4: Assemble and Finish.

Before cutting, remember to offset the line first to be sure it's fit together when assemble. My (left) one was failed so i had to add some glue to it :D

Hope you like it ;)



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    This looks awesome. I would love to make one of these. Is there any way you could save it as an AI file?

    you can import dxf file to ai file


    Illustrator will not open AutoCAD files saved in a version later than AutoCAD 2007.

    sure, this is AI file for you. Remember to offset the lines when cutting


    This is inspiring! I did something similar if you look at my Instructables mine was multiple frames for animation. But your 3-D effect is really cool

    thanks :)
    i like your similar one, it's cool with light
    may be i will add some light for this one :D

    Nice job. I like the idea of your holder layers rather than using glue between the layers or fasteners.