Make Your Laser Cuts 3D: Make Them Stand Up & Stand Out!

There are many ways to make flat laser cuts 3D: designing 2D to 3D expandable patterns, stretching materials and then cutting to distort shapes, interlocking cut pieces post process... so many possibilities!

In this Instructable, I'll show you how I made this 3D texture from flat laser cuts in my "Breathe" dress inspired by the lungs of human anatomy. This technique can be used for garment making but is not just limited to fashion, fiber arts or fine arts... there are many possibilities for potential applications.

Step 1: Design the Initial Pattern

First I made a hand drawing for the pattern.

This design was inspired by lungs.

<p>Beautiful!! Sure would love to get it on a model for ya and have it photographed. Let me know. </p>
<p>Hi do you need a special printer to make this ??? your work is amazing by the way</p>
Beautiful and inspiring work! I really like how three-dimensional you can make laser-cut fabric.

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