Picture of 3D Family Portrait
Oh gosh - it's mom's birthday and you've no idea for a present?
Relax - here is a wholehearted one!

I created a collage out of some pictures and arranged them in third dimension.

The principle is very easy.  All you need is 3 to 4 (or more, depending on the count of layer you want to create) identic photos of each person you want to recreate in 3d. As you know, the new 3d cameras are pretty cool - but they don't help, if you only have only old pictures  - no 3d Glasses and so on.
But what would happen, if you slice identic picutres into different shapes, depending on the real depth of each the part of the pictures and arrange them in different heights?

The viewer will ne tricked by his eyes and brain. Because of combination of the informations of the image and the different heights human brain will assamble the slices into one curved surface. That nearly magic ^^

Okay - I'm german, not good in english - so I'll go on and explain what to do.

First of all - the materials and tools you'll need:

  -  Photos of the person /thing you want to recreate in 3d (3 - 4 identic images)
  -  Canvas (or heavy carton (above 250g/m²)
  -  double faced adhesive tape
  -  pins (withoud colored heads)
  -  ruler or folding meter
  -  scissor

--- and a little bit time ^^ ---
Your English is far better (sehr besser?) than my German!! Thanks for the tutorial!!
Thanks for this Instructable. It looks fun. I must try it out soon, maybe for Christmas.
grayst (author)  stackerjack1 year ago
Hi stackerjack,

and thanks a lot.

My suggestion: use colorful images - and if you really do for Christmas, add some festive elements... on the other hand - that could limit the usability... :-?

PS: If you recreate, pls let me know and post or email some images - thanks :)
mpho1121 year ago
Looks Scary n creepy to me ,but good work
grayst (author)  mpho1121 year ago
Hi mpho112,

thanks - and as I told before - there are a couple of reasons for this atmosphere on the photos i've taken. Use colorful images and background to avoid the look I used.
lorimc1 year ago
Wow! What did your mom think?
grayst (author)  lorimc1 year ago
Hi lorimc,

easy to say: she loves it!
loitz401 year ago
The pictures come out kind of creepy looking.
grayst (author)  loitz401 year ago
Hi loitz40,

I think I know what you mean. It doesn't look creepy in real but I was not able to catch the plasticity with my camera.

Another reason for this feeling could be the sepia tone and dark background area of the photos. If you use colorful photos and backgrounds, you should avoid this kind of mood.
nanaverm1 year ago
Great idea!

In paper crafting, there are pieces of thin, double-sticky dimensional foam which can affix the layers so that pins aren't needed. (When I think of pins in faces, I sense a "voodoo effect").
grayst (author)  nanaverm1 year ago
Thanks, Nanaverm.

I thought about the usage of "stamps" out of paper and think that could be a nice option.

(For me it was no Problem to use pins - I lost my spellbook in dark age ^^)
poofrabbit1 year ago
What a cool idea!
grayst (author)  poofrabbit1 year ago
Thank you very much, poofrabbit :)
acuchetto1 year ago
Very clever! Do the pins blend in (look hidden), or did you take them out?
grayst (author)  acuchetto1 year ago
Hi Acuchetto & Thanks :)

The pins blend out if you look at the collage. You'll see them from side, of course, but in ratio of pins an pictures, they're to small to interrupt the 3d effect...