Introduction: 3D Gemstone Ring

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How to make a 3d Gemstone Ring in few simple steps...

Step 1: Modeling - Band

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The program I used is called Solidworks and I find it very easy to use.

First, choose a front plane to sketch on and draw a circle using sketch tools.
Select the circle and choose the Boss-Extrude tool under Features and click okay.
Draw another smaller circle (depending on your ring size) from the center of your first one and check the Cut-Extrude option.

Step 2: Modeling - Mount With Six Claws

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Select the right plane and sketch desired shape for a ring mount that will hold a gemstone. Sketch a centerline in the middle.
Once completed, select the Revolve tool under Features.
Next select the top face of the mount and and check Shell under Features.
Select the top of the mount again and sketch 6 circles on top of it. Go back to the Features and select Cut-Extrude to cut out the six claws.
Select edges of each claw one by one and use the Chamfer Feature.

Step 3: Modeling - Gemstone

Picture of Modeling - Gemstone

Select the right plane and draw a shape for your gemstone with a centerline. You will be using the same Revolve tool from the last step.
Mine came out a little bit too small so I added additional layer on the outside.

Step 4: Modeling - Final Touches

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I like to use the Fillet tool under Features to make the model look more finished.
You can select parts by faces or by edges to round up desired areas.
Choose the radius of the fillet appropriate to your taste.

Step 5: Adding Materials

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Select the part you want to add a material to and choose from the Materials Library to the right.
Next just click Add Material to the part. Remember that your part needs to be selected/ highlighted in order to do it.

You can also pick the material first and drop it onto the part.

Step 6: Rendering

Picture of Rendering

To render check first the Preview Window under Render Tools to set up your point of view. Next click Final Render and Save Image after it's done generating the image. You can modify the default settings under Options.

I hope this will help some of you to create your own custom rings for yourself or for your Valentines!



TSC (author)2012-04-24

This looks pretty sweet! But the red thing looks like plastic! Replace the red thing with something that does not look like plastic and you will have a awsome ring!

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