Inspired by Fibonacci spirals, I came up with some paper art (I'm calling this one Fire Flower for apparent reasons) using minimal origami. I folded some paper and experimented with units before deciding that I liked this design best. It was simple yet beautiful--anyone's favorite combo, I'm sure.


Step 1: Materials

  • origami paper
  • glue + scrap piece of paper
  • thicker paper (for background)
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • index card (or just scrap paper)
  • scissors
  • OPTIONAL: beads and embellishments, poster paper for frame
<p>Thanks! :D</p>
Cool I better make this
Haha yes, you better. :)
<p>Great instructable! I made a clock variation :)</p>
<p>GORGEOUS! I love that you turned this into a clock; very clever. ;) </p><p>P.S. Check your inbox -- I sent you a little something. </p>
Simple but amazing craft. The sunset colour theme is really nice
<p>Wow! I love your color scheme, and the two additions you attached to the corners of the frame look lovely! </p><p>By the way, check your inbox; I sent you a little gift. ;)</p>
Thanks sooo much :)
<p>awesomeness... I will probably try it</p>
<p>Great! I hope you have fun. :)</p>
You have my vote ;)
<p>Thank you! ^^</p>
<p>&lt;3 Thank you! ^^</p>
<p>Nice instructable, I might have to give this a go some time. </p>
<p>Thanks! You should; it's a lot of fun. ^^</p>
Yes I did but it didn't turn out as good as yours
<p>Psh I'm sure it looks lovely all the same. Post a picture? I'd love to see it. ^^ Practice makes perfect (cheesy as it may sound) so perhaps your next attempt will elicit more of your pride. </p>
This craft was so fun
<p>Thanks! Did you try it out? </p>
<p>beautiful art, instructable and colors!</p>
<p>Thank you so much for your nice comment! It really made my day. Nice profile picture, by the way. ;)</p>
<p>love your colors!</p>
<p>Thanks! I love the fiery aura that the colors contribute. I'd really like to make a blue versions though... Perhaps another day. :3</p>
Very cool!
<p>Thank you for your comment! :)</p>
<p>Not usually my type of thing but this is really neat !! Nice job ...</p>
<p>Haha thank you for your comment! You should try it out even if you don't normally dabble in this type of art; I guarantee that it's pretty fun. ;)</p>
Wow this is an amazing project great work
<p>Thank you for your nice comment! </p>
<p>I love the side view picture, it shows the 3D part really well!</p>
<p>Thank you! I was just turning the artwork around while admiring it and thought,&quot;Hey, this angle looks really nice.&quot; Then I put it on the wall and took a picture at that angle. ^^</p>

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