Picture of 3D Geometric Art

Inspired by Fibonacci spirals, I came up with some paper art (I'm calling this one Fire Flower for apparent reasons) using minimal origami. I folded some paper and experimented with units before deciding that I liked this design best. It was simple yet beautiful--anyone's favorite combo, I'm sure.


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Step 1: Materials

  • origami paper
  • glue + scrap piece of paper
  • thicker paper (for background)
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • index card (or just scrap paper)
  • scissors
  • OPTIONAL: beads and embellishments, poster paper for frame

Step 2: Designing

Picture of Designing

Here's the time to plan out your artwork if you choose to do something different from my design. See above for possible ideas. Look at different art (perhaps search for geometric art) -- you'll never know what can inspire you. The picture of my inspiration, for example, was this: a picture of Fibonacci sequences in action in aloe plants.

Feel free to wing everything, should you wish, but I find that it's a good idea to have an idea in mind prior to working. I suggest folding a few units for experimenting (see next step for folding) to guide you in finding out what you can and cannot do.

journey1232 months ago


watchmeflyy (author)  journey1231 month ago

Thanks! :D

Cool I better make this
watchmeflyy (author)  PikachuSonikkuCUTIES6 months ago
Haha yes, you better. :)
sincerelymonsz made it!7 months ago

Great instructable! I made a clock variation :)

watchmeflyy (author)  sincerelymonsz7 months ago

GORGEOUS! I love that you turned this into a clock; very clever. ;)

P.S. Check your inbox -- I sent you a little something.

Simple but amazing craft. The sunset colour theme is really nice
watchmeflyy (author)  hannahi19961 year ago

Wow! I love your color scheme, and the two additions you attached to the corners of the frame look lovely!

By the way, check your inbox; I sent you a little gift. ;)

Thanks sooo much :)
aschmidt131 year ago

awesomeness... I will probably try it

watchmeflyy (author)  aschmidt131 year ago

Great! I hope you have fun. :)

You have my vote ;)
watchmeflyy (author)  MasterChick1 year ago

Thank you! ^^

Cody68751 year ago
watchmeflyy (author)  Cody68751 year ago

<3 Thank you! ^^

Nice instructable, I might have to give this a go some time.

watchmeflyy (author)  Rye Soap Kitchen1 year ago

Thanks! You should; it's a lot of fun. ^^

leah12891 year ago
Yes I did but it didn't turn out as good as yours
watchmeflyy (author)  leah12891 year ago

Psh I'm sure it looks lovely all the same. Post a picture? I'd love to see it. ^^ Practice makes perfect (cheesy as it may sound) so perhaps your next attempt will elicit more of your pride.

leah12891 year ago
This craft was so fun
watchmeflyy (author)  leah12891 year ago

Thanks! Did you try it out?

beautiful art, instructable and colors!

watchmeflyy (author)  Crazy2dragons1 year ago

Thank you so much for your nice comment! It really made my day. Nice profile picture, by the way. ;)

shazni1 year ago

love your colors!

watchmeflyy (author)  shazni1 year ago

Thanks! I love the fiery aura that the colors contribute. I'd really like to make a blue versions though... Perhaps another day. :3

Very cool!
watchmeflyy (author)  nerfrocketeer1 year ago

Thank you for your comment! :)

Not usually my type of thing but this is really neat !! Nice job ...

watchmeflyy (author)  Lectric Wizard1 year ago

Haha thank you for your comment! You should try it out even if you don't normally dabble in this type of art; I guarantee that it's pretty fun. ;)

ducey1 year ago
Wow this is an amazing project great work
watchmeflyy (author)  ducey1 year ago

Thank you for your nice comment!


I love the side view picture, it shows the 3D part really well!

watchmeflyy (author)  emilyvanleemput1 year ago

Thank you! I was just turning the artwork around while admiring it and thought,"Hey, this angle looks really nice." Then I put it on the wall and took a picture at that angle. ^^