Note: In order to see these images in the slide show, you must posess a pair of Red/Cyan 3D glasses, the type I used is the pair from Guiness World Records 2009, which contained this imagery. IMAX and the dark-coloured 3D cinema glasses will not work!

Ok, so I was looking at the images in GWR 2009, and thought:

Is there a way I could do this myself, without expensive kit?

So I searched you tube for tutorial videos on what the easiest way to do this was, and found this:

Flash Animation

However, his English is a little hard to understand (no offence to him), and involves tricky liquifying, which can ruin the look of the picture, and is hard to get like the original.

So, now I have posted an instructional video. Sorry there is no instructables, it is probably easier for me to make a video, and much easier for you to understnd if I make a video of it, so here it is:

U r just awesome.. I was looking out for this and thanks to you, I could achieve what I wanted. Thanks a ton for sharing this video.
i so need to try this!
Thanks, looks great
thats epic!
Yep, almost any image too! I could do it for your avatar!<br>But you need 3d glasses :(
You will need to give me the original, at full size, smaller images don't work too good!
ok, ill get it asap
Found it in big on google, it is finished:
No the best image to make 3D, but the lettering worked quite well!
Can you make mine in 3D (i have a pair of glasses)
Yep, just give me the image in big, around the same size as the one I did for knex gun builder.
Mine was just WordArt on publisher so i cant really give you it :-/
Ok, I'll try my best!<br>
kool, thanks!
Thats amazing

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