3D LED Charlieplex Cube from Chrismas Tree Lights


Step 3: Making it all charlieplex like

Picture of Making it all charlieplex like
New comes the wiring into a charliplex matrix.

The first picture below shows one section (thick lines) with LEDs attached. Each row has LEDs attached to the mesh with the same polarity. The next row is attached with the opposite polarity. Each alternate row is connected together. This forms another charlieplex line.

So for the schematic below if I wanted to light up the top most right hand corner LED I'd put a +ve signal on line C1 and a -ve signal on line C11. The topmost LED in the next mesh would have a +ve signal again on line C1 and a -ve signal on line C12 and so on.

Because I have 5 rows in each mesh I connected the bottom row alternately as shown. A 6x4 or other even numbered mesh would simply repeat the top connection scheme.

The second picture is a rough 3D schematic....which I hope shows the connections with a little more clarity.

The final picture shows a partially completed grid.
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ThereseS15 months ago

I don't see the beauty in this design. I would suggest a circular arrangement with the LEDs facing downward. The wires can be left alone and slip the wires into a plastic holder of some kind which can be cut with x-acto knife and then glued back together with superglue. Alternatively, I got an idea from another project, to find some kind of small bottles that one can cut the base off and use the neck. I seem to recall there are small candies that come in the right size tiny bottles. Put those into a disk with holes facing downward...

panomsak5 years ago