Step 5: Finish

Picture of Finish
When all the shapes are put together it should look very similar to the flat virtual image you picked out. Once again, sorry about the lack of images from the cutting to the final piece. If I do another one like this again, I will make sure that I take more pictures. So here is how my final image turned out. I just found a nice frame to put the design in. I placed a simple dark background paper (so the white artwork stands out), removed the glass, and glued the image on top of the frame so that the deer does not get squished.
paqrat3 years ago
Beautiful! And such a pleasure to see an instructable like this that isn't using something like a laser cutter. I don't know if I would ever try something like this but if it had to be done with a laser cutter I know I never would. I don't know how easy it would be to transfer the image but I can see this in my mind in a light weight copper foil. I also like the way you glued the image on top of the frame. I think it extends the dimensionality of the piece. Really beautiful piece and very helpful, useful instructable. I'm thinking about trying it with images of buildings.
J-Ri3 years ago

I may have missed it somewhere, but how many sheets of paper did you use for this?