3D Layered Veneer Earrings „Venearrings"





Introduction: 3D Layered Veneer Earrings „Venearrings"

About: Tiny projects from wood and bone with minimal tools. I like to use handtools for better controll and to feel the workpiece. This way I can escape a little bit from this automated, instant and digital world. ...

In 2014 I made a feather shaped earrings out of beef leg bone for my wife as a Christmas present.


I realy enjoyed the entire making process and finaly see the gladness on her face and how proudly she wear it. So I decided to make it a tradition to give own handmade gift.

This year I got some nice 0.6 mm thin veneers, mahogany, walnut and maybe oak. I thinked to myself to take a try with them.

Step 1: Materials, Tools, Template

So I have some 0.6 mm thin wood veneers. Wanted to make something interesting, geometrical, easy. I found this design that gave the inspiration:


Quickly draw the layers as a template with different oriented cutouts.

Tools and materials You need

  • jewellers saw with wood blade
  • small, really small needle files
  • needle polishing stick
  • hobby knife (I prefer OLFA)
  • rotary tool with small drill bit (1-2 mm)
  • clamps
  • bench pin
  • vise
  • masking tape
  • some veneers You like
  • wood glue
  • superglue

Step 2: Prepare the Layers

The final design have 3*3 layers. Glue 3 layers of veneer together with wood glue. Pay attention to wood grain directions and make it different angles for stronger structure. I knew that but forgot to do so I had some issues later. On the mahogany the glue percolated through the veneer and sticked to the paper. It's not a problem, a little sanding solved it.

Step 3: Cutting, Shaping and Beveling

Now we have laminates with 3 layer veneers. Carbon copy the templates on it, or use masking tape to the surface and glue the printed template on it. This method would be better for small pieces like these, gives more precision and additional strength during sawing.

Drill holes to allow the saw blade and cut out the layout. Fine the edges with needle files and add bevel to it, round it if You want. A banch pin is a good support for this process too. If the wood cracks repair it with superglue. Will not be visible after sanding.

Step 4: Glue Main Layers and Finish

Glue together the 3 main layers, You can play the sequence of these. After the glue cured file the final shape and bevel the edges. Polish the whole thing with polishing papers and finaly needle polishing stick. You can add a touch of citron oil to the surface, it protects it, brings out the grains and smells good.

Step 5: Make the Metal Hangers Unique and Matching to the Pendants

I started with a stock metal hanger with a small plate in it that can hold some inlay. I wanted to see through on it as on the pendant, so I cut it out and fine filed. Made a small variant of the pendant design out of 3*1 layer veneer. Glue, shape and fit inside the hanger with sandpaper and files. Conclusion: it's not easy to work with veneers in this small size.

Step 6: Assembly

Put it together with small piece of chain or simply rings. Done, ready to wrapping and giving. :)

If You like it please vote for it, I'll enter it to the actual Jewelry contest.

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    maKACS, as I said before in the other contest, very nice earrings. Very fine detail and work of art for these gifts that you make. Your instructions and photos are easy to follow. Good luck in the jewelry contest.

    2 replies

    Thanks again warriorethos2!

    It brought me more additional fun (yes, the making and giving was the main goal), joy and applause than I expected, I'm surprised to be finalist in the jewelry contest too because there are many nice and interesting entries. It's really a pleasure to be part of it even if I'm a runner up. Thanks again, have a nice sunday! :)

    maKACS, very nice earrings. Very fine detail and work of art for these gifts. Might look at opening your own jewelry line in the future.

    3 replies

    Thank You warriorethos2!

    I don't think that I'm really good enough for a jewelry line, but I enjoy it and want try different ideas and develop myself. Otherwise not bad idea, maybe in the future. Thanks again. :)

    maKACS, No problem and good luck in the contest.

    Warriorethos2, thanks, it's an additional fun. :)

    These are absolutely gorgeous. I've done some papercuts in a similar multiple-layered style, and now I'm inspired to do woodcuts of them.

    4 replies

    Thank You ohhmyhead!

    At first I've seen some breathtaking baroque guitar rosettes out of parchment paper. During the search for these I found the wooden pendant I mentioned as inspiration. I still want to try this multilayer technique with paper, it must be fun with more details.

    Oh, and I've seen Your Hexachord before my Instructables membership when I researched about guitars and restorations of it. I'm sure You will love the multiple-layered style with wood too. :)

    Wow, that's neat! And what a great idea to use spiral binding!

    Now I can imagine a flipbook animation with papercut technique. (search) Meh, of course it's already exist.

    Cutout flipbook


    Absolutely beautiful. You really are a craftsman. Everything from the design to the colouring with oil fitted together so perfectly to produce a real quality item.

    1 reply

    Thank You mountainberry for Your kind words!

    Your wife is a lucky woman! These are very special, beautiful earrings. I'm sending this to my son but I don't have my hopes up. He's working on larger things like cabinets and he just bought a bunch of old tools to rehab.

    1 reply

    Thank You Cairnz!

    Yes, there must be differences with such a small pieces and cabinet sizes. Needs different tools and techiques, although some of them are obviously the same. Just look at the really small needle files and drill bits. Those are not typically needed for cabinets.

    I have no workshop or a proper workplace, but nearly enough to these type of small projects. It means sometimes the longer and harder route, brings challenges, but this makes the whole process enjoyable and relaxing.

    To rehab old tools is also a great thing! It would be nice to see them, the process how they came back to life. I encourage Your son to join to the Instructables community with those projects. :)

    I really love these! I have had a box full of various small pieces of veneer sitting around for a long time. Now I know what to do with them! Thanks for the idea!

    1 reply

    Thanks for Your feedback kkingsley!

    Go for it, I'm sure it will be fun. :)

    These are really great --love the dimension and two tones of wood. You've got a vote from me!

    1 reply

    Thank You ashleyjlong!

    Exactly these were what catched my attention on the pendant I mentioned as inspiration. I'm sure I will play with this idea on next pieces to explore the possibilities in it.