Picture of 3D Life size Ironman
A life size 3D Ironman with light up eyes, arc reactor, and thrusters. I built him completely out of foam board and with LEDs for the lit up portions. My beginning details in black on the piece were all cut out of vinyl (which the Zing 16 Laser would've come in handy with...and I may have even been able to use it to have made this all out of PVC instead of foam board ;) PLEASE VOTE FOR ME in the GAME.LIFE 3 CONTEST and the EPILOG CHALLENGE V CONTEST!!!

Step 1: Creating Ol' Shellhead's Head

Picture of Creating Ol' Shellhead's Head
First I drew out the side pieces of the helmet onto foam board. Each side is a circular piece which is cut out with an Xacto, marked, scored and gently bent to give them their concave shape. I then drew out a slight hour glass shaped piece for the center/face piece. I marked, scored, and curved along the curve of the side pieces and fixed it into place as I went with a strong adhesive tape. Wallah...it's a head!
ragu1975 (author) 2 years ago
Ol' Shellhead is a term taken from the comic book and is one of many names used to call Ironman. I too am a big fan of Ironman, which is why I made him. Thanks for your interest!

but eventhough dont call him as ol shellhead

Can someone get inside
Darkmon2 years ago
Hey, I'm a big fan of Iron Man, and I don't appreciate you calling him ol' shellhead, so if you don't mind, I would mind your mouth. (Sorry if that sounded harsher than I meant to be)
bwrussell2 years ago
Did you use a pattern or did you just eyeball each piece when it came time to make it? If you used a pattern you should consider uploading it, if you made it, or linking to it, if you found it.
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Congrats on being a finalist and a (belated) welcome to Instructables!
ragu1975 (author) 2 years ago
Thanks uptownborg
etopsirhc2 years ago
iron man, or iron woman super model edition lol, jk, but really the proportions could use some work
uptownborg2 years ago
OMG too cool...too good!!!!love it want it!
ragu1975 (author) 2 years ago
Only the shell of the pumpkin light was used I wired my own LEDs into it and used the same type of LEDs for the eyes.
softblubber2 years ago
Question: Did you also use the same pumpkin lights you used for the eyes?
ragu1975 (author) 2 years ago
EmcySquare2 years ago
Very Nice
Proportions reminds me of "NeonGenesys Evangelion" Robots (EVAs)