Have you seen those beautiful metal flowers at fairs or online? Normally, they are welded together, so they require special tools to make. This guide will show you a couple of alternative ways to assemble your flowers so that you can make your own - no welder required!

Step 1: Getting Started

Let's gather all of our materials. For this project, you'll need:

- Thin gauge sheet or plate metal
- Wire or metal rod
- Pattern (provided in .pdf) and other layout materials

We'll go over many different tools you can use to make your flower. Depending on what materials you choose, some tools will be more appropriate than others. If you're not sure of what tools will work the best, try different methods to find the best option. Wire, thin tube, rod will all require different attachment methods.

love this idea! I've built and handmade ALOT of metal roses but I think the ones I made for my girlfriend and daughter are the 2 I'm the most proud of! great work! I'm gonna have to throw that in my repertoire when I don't have a welder handy..

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