Introduction: 3D Number Paper Maché Model

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This is a very easy , inexpensive 3D prop, this can be used for a birthday party, party or a room decoration, I used wall joint compound , I just started using this for my jungle book projects and decided to try it for this.....


Cups( any size)
Joint wall compound
Tissue paper (any color or pattern you choose)
Acrylic paint
Black , orange
Sponge brush (2)
Mod podge

Paper mache mix:
1 cup of flour, 2 cups of water, salt, couple teaspoons of vinegar

This prop was made for under 2 dollars given that I had everything here in my kitchen and in my craft room except the orange acrylic paint who was 1.09 at hobby lobby

Step 1: Cut Your Number

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Free hand your number ( twice) front and back on cardboard, I used a box , I made it about 3 ft ( this is to be used outside for his 3rd birthday party , but you can use it inside too, now use your plastic cups and adhere to one side this will keep your sides from collapsing and make them even.

Step 2: Seal the Number

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Whip up your paper mache mixture , get newspaper strips and wrap your number in its entirety , one strip at a time, this will stabilize the number and seal it to give its 3D appeal. Let it dry for 24 hours

Step 3: Smooth It Out

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Use your joint wall compound , and later it on the number( lightly) don't go crazy with this or it will crack (I learned the hard way ) :( make sure this dries completely , do one side at a time. Once it dries from all sides your ready to decorate it!

Step 4: Decorate!!

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So Iam doing a jungle theme theme for my sons birthday so I opted for tiger stripes, ( he's crazy about tigers) so I started with the sides in orange, let it dry completely , add your tiger stripes by making a semi wiggly line , thicken it on one side , do so all around your number! Now for this step you can also cover it in tissue paper with mod podge and draw in the tiger stripes or you can buy scrap booking animal print paper and simply mod podge it on, Or you can also cover it with fabric, use your creative instinct and flow with it!!


Erika021084 (author)2016-10-28

You should put it on your page for an instructable

Erika021084 (author)2016-10-28

Omg it's awesome!!! You did a really good job I love it!!! Thank you for sharing the pics!!! And

Dan1017 made it! (author)2016-10-27

Thank you for your instructable. I did it for my son's 4th birthday party, it was dinosaur themed. first time doing an instructable as I just learn about this page.


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