3D Obama Dogs Ornament, Featuring Bo & Sunny!




Introduction: 3D Obama Dogs Ornament, Featuring Bo & Sunny!

For the Obama tree ornament contest, I designed a festive ornament that celebrates the First Dog(s) of the White House, Bo & Sunny!

I used Adobe Illustrator, TinkerCAD, and a drawing pad (Intuos) for my design.

Step 1: Illustrator Work

First, I drew a simple outline of a Portuguese Water Dog (for info on how to use Illustrator, I'd use skillshare or browse instructables!). I experimented with various ways to use my shape, but ultimately decided a silhouette would work best.

I then converted each single image (the tree, and dog silhouette) as SVG files, to import later.

Step 2: Using Tinkercad

Next, I opened a tinkercad file and began the 3d process.

NOTE: The directions are for a user that has some familiarity with tinkercad. Please ask if you have questions!

Importing the SVG files is simple--simply upload and import!

I used my silhouette as the "hole" in a different heart layer ( from generic shape library). The hole will form once you group the objects.

Once I had my heart shapes, I imported the tree and placed them on the image.

I then added my freehand '2014' (also an SVG file from Illustrator).

Lastly, I put a little hole at the top for string.

Step 3: All Done!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Happy holidays! :D



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Great Design! I could see this hanging in the White House.

That's a great ornament design! Love the pooches.

If you upload the .stl file into one of the steps, this can enter the Ornament Contest.

I realized that this morning (while tinkercad was down.. haha) fixed it. Thank you! :d