This instructable is part of "something out of nothing" series, this time "nothing" is material - recycled paper, banana skins and more. I've actually came across this idea, making sheets of paper for my art and soon realised that I get left over pulp, which goes to waste and could be used to make other things. This is how I started making 3D paper objects, that are not just nice to look at, but can be useful too and actually more fun to make. 


recycled paper
banana skins (optional)
grasses, flower pedals (optional) 
vegetarian gel (Agar)



Step 1: What Can Be Made

There are countless objects to be made of paper pulp. Some suggestions: cup for organising pencils or bowl for coins and other small items; make the lid and here's a great box for jewellery and other stuff that need to be protected from dust. Balls on rope could be useful for making christmas decorations.
<p>Is there any particular reason for adding banana peels? Do they act as a binder or something like that?</p>

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