This project is a process of drawing a maze on a paper and making it a real 3D printed maze that is cool for plaiyng and giving it to others to play.

The size of this maze is 45X62X7.5 , need around 1hour to print out.

Let's start to design with paper, pencil & black marker.

second level is to scan it and making it as an Vector file, I recommend Inkscape software for it-https://inkscape.org/en/ (because at the end you need and SVG file)

Then we gonna design the model -Design Software: 123D Design Desktop (Get from: http://www.123dapp.com/design )

For printing, I used- Printer: Ultimaker2 Filament: PLA

Step 1: Draw Your Maze

To draw it and upload it easily, start with a pencil, then highlight with black marker and erase the pencil.
Try to make a hard maze so it won't be easy for others to finish it.

When you finish drawing the maze, scan the drawing to your computer (its easy to do it with you mobile..)

<p>This looks really nice. It might be fun to make a two sided puzzle to make it more challenging. </p>

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