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I had read the design

I got a 3D pen too but I did not want to do much electronic modification on it.

As I read the comments, I think "Carlos Russo" is a good design, so I make this design.

+++++ Construction +++++++++++++

According to my CNC, I can get a piece of acrylic as a clip to install this 3D pen module.

I secured a 9g Servo with the Servo Mount Holder Bracket and mount on that acrylic sheet.

A rubber wheel was screwed on the aervo arm, in order to give some cushion effect (friction) when the servo "press" the button.

There are some plastic washer between the servo and the acrylic sheet, to adjust the thickness of the clip.

I think this is quite a simple design and u can refer to the video.

+++++ GRBL Servo +++++++++++++++

BTW, my CNC using "GRBL Servo+" instead of using GRBL

For my detail, please refer to the link.

++++ Inkscape + laser plugin +++++++++++++++

I am using inkscape to produce G-code, I use "laser engrave plugin" which turn on the laser equal to turn on the servo, the feed rate actually can be adjusted by the 3D pen itself.



shakeel.bsee2361 (author)2017-10-03

how can i download this...?

kokpat (author)shakeel.bsee23612017-10-03

I made it from scratch.
The rubber wheel is wheel for small car, any type of 9g servo mount

Carlos Russo (author)2016-04-29

Great! I didn't know the existance of "GRBL Servo+".
In my design I added an Attiny85 which I connected to the Z pin of Arduino.
When arduino send activates the Z pin Attiny85 translates the action to the servo (if Z0.000, servo out, if Z-1.000, servo in)
This is mainly beacuse my CNC is a multi-purpose machine so I don't have to change the firmware everytime I need to use the machine for other things (engraving, cutting)

NicolaG32 (author)Carlos Russo2017-03-07

Hi, could you please explain what you did with the Attiny85 and the servo?

Carlos Russo (author)NicolaG322017-03-07

The arduino Z pin, is connected to one input pin in the Attiny85. When Attiny85 receive the high signal (sent by GRBL), it turns on the servo which pushes the 3d pen extruder button.
That's all!

NicolaG32 (author)Carlos Russo2017-03-07

Thank you!
Sorry i'm a newby... the Z Pin is the #4 labelled 'Step pulse Z axis'?
Is there other circuitry between the attiny85 and the servo?

kokpat made it! (author)Carlos Russo2016-04-29

Yes, when I study GRBL, I know that we can capture the dir and step signal can convert to PWM, but I did not have such "Technical knowledge" to do that...
My CNC use as a hobby, I had a silly method to solve my problem, arduino is cheap and I just install two arduino on the controller board and I can handle all the task...

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