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Introduction: 3D Penguin Birthday Cake

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For all those penguin lovers out there that want a cake that you can make at home, I'm here to help. Using the Wilton 3D bear pan, and a little imagination, you can have a penguin in an hour (plus baking time).

Wilton 3D Cuddly Bear pan with instructions
Frosting tool with star shaped tip
2 cake mixes (following pan instructions for selection)
Black & orange food coloring
2 toothpicks
1 set doll eyes
1 birthday hat candle

Step 1: Bake the Cake

Using the Wilton 3D Cuddly Bear pan, bake your cake following the instructions included with your pan. This pan is currently retired, but you can pick one up on eBay and download the pan instructions for free from Wilton.com.

Step 2: Transform the Bear Into a Penguin

After the cake cools, remove the feet and the ears. You can discard the feet but set the ears aside for later.

Step 3: Add Black Frosting

Use food dye to create a large quantity of black frosting. You can mix standard food coloring to get something close to black, but for a true color splurge on specialty black food coloring (found at any store selling cake decorating supplies). Use a star tip with your favorite frosting tool. I find it easier to break the cake off into grids and start in the center and work your way out. It's really up to you.

Leave a triangle in the face to fill in with orange later for the beak. Also leave a large oval shape area in the front to fill in with white for the stomach. Use the arms as a guide. The arms should be frosted black as flippers. Leave space between the arms to let the white of the stomach to peak out.

Finally, add doll eyes (not edible) to the face of the penguin. Just push into the frosting.

Step 4: Add Stomach

You'll only need a small amount of white frosting. Use the star tip to fill in the stomach.

Step 5: Add Beak and Feet

Mix orange frosting. Using the star tip fill in the empty triangle on the face for the beak. I recommend using extra frosting to give it depth.

It's time to use the ears you removed in Step 2. Insert a toothpick into the ear (lying flat) and push other end of the toothpick into the front of the penguin. Frost orange.

Step 6: Almost Done!

One last embellishment! A tiny birthday hat candle makes this penguin ready to party!



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    i love this!!

    I made this cake last week for my sisters birthday firstly I would say great tutorial but it is a MUST to leave the cake core inside the penguin at all times! Even if you follow the instructions from Wilton and plug the gap, the cake isn't strong enough once you cut the feet off. I decorated the cake and the head sunk into the body. Luckily I managed to save it by re-inserting the core.


    That is sooo adorable! I wouldn't want to eat this because it looks so cuddly! lol.

    Great cake! I would like to try this one!

    I want one of these... !

    Very creative!!! 5*

    We made a cake just like this one and this is were we got the idea!!! thank you so much!! https://www.instructables.com/id/Giant-Panda-Cake/

    super cute! Now if I were only good a baking...