3D Pikachu (Pokémon)





Introduction: 3D Pikachu (Pokémon)

I wanted to build a cool gift for my nephew. We have always been huge Fans of Pokemon so i figured why not a 3d printed Pikachu?

Step 1: First, Find Your Sketch

I found this online. It is a Pumpkin carving stencil. I chose it because it was detailed enough to model, but not too much that it wouldn't print well.

Step 2: Design the 3D Model!

Sketch out the Stencil features. I chose to make the Model around 4 inches and .250 Thick. Each color i made a different Height for easy painting later. When Finished save a copy as an STL

Step 3: Open Your 3d Printing Software

I have a Solidoodle 2 and use Repetier Host. I placed the stl model centered in the table. I printed this with the stock settings and it came out great.

Step 4: PRINT!!!

Heat up your Buildplate and get to printing. It printed easily and without issues. Took around 20 Minuets to Print at 3mm layer height.

Step 5: Paint and Enjoy!

I used a small paint brush and Painted the different colors. Started with the lower levels so any mistakes will get painted over. Once happy with it, apply Clearcoat and enjoy!



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