Due to an unfortunate run-in between an SUV and my motorcycle, I found myself with a broken finger. Unhappy with the splint I received in the ER, I designed and printed my own.

Step 1: Materials

Very simple: a 3d printer, measuring tape, some adhesive wrap, and scissors. I used a lulzbot mini running HIPS, my field notes notebook, and 3m nexcare waterproof stretchable medical tape. I cut the tape in half to fit on my finger more comfortably.

<p>COOL! Hope your finger gets better soon!</p>
<p>Pretty neat, but I hope that was your little-pink that you broke, rather than your ring-finger. I broke the ring-finger (third) on my right hand doing karate. OK, I didn't break it, someone else did... ;) Anyway, the hospital taped it to my middle finger (No splint at all). This made it rather awkward using the front brake (I had a GPZ600 at the time - this happened long, long before 3D printers were around.). So, I taped the broken finger to my little finger. Much better, I could use the brake and show other road-users my disapproval of their driving skills. However, I ended up with my hand in a permanent Vulcan salute...</p>
<p>Very clever!</p>

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