3D Print Custom Coaster





Introduction: 3D Print Custom Coaster

Quick & easy- I made this in Google SketchUp in about 5 minutes (they have a 3D text tool), then converted file types and printed on a PP3DP 3D printer with ABS plastic.

I'm trying painting it to make it prettier- anyone have (better) suggestions for coloring extruded ABS plastic?



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    How detailed is the printing? Could you design in tiny grooves you could fill with something colourful?

    Actually, it comes with tiny grooves built in- the ABS plastic makes a ridged surface.
    Painting with acrylic paint worked surprisingly well, though I'll be really impressed if it stays on- and the texture is kind of weird.
    I was going to try enamel to smooth out the surface while coloring it, but there were lots of "keep away from heat" and "toxic" labels, so I thought perhaps not the best for a coaster..

    Speaking of enamel, how about nail varnish?

    I saw on the shelves of a local store, there are varnishes now that make odd textures as they dry, and even one that makes patterns in the surface if you hold a magnet over it as it sets!

    Very cool! I'll have to check it out.
    For hot things, I'm still a bit concerned about toxicity, but I have some other 3D print things coming up...