Picture of 3D Print Faux Gauges
I think gauge earrings can be really pretty, but don't want to give up regular earrings. When I learned about faux gauges- gauges that pull apart to have regular earring components inside- I immediately wanted to make some.

This instructable shows how to make the earrings via 3D print, but if you skip ahead a few steps and buy or make some real gauges, you should be able to make faux gauges without the 3D print component. 3D printing seemed good to me because I could make sure both sides were identical!

Printing was done at TechShop!
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Step 1: Design Earrings

Picture of Design Earrings
I used Autodesk 3D Studio to design mine.

I also played around with Sculpey clay beforehand to work out what shape I wanted to make- you might want to try it out.

Step 2: Print them out

Picture of Print them out
If you have any delicate shapes, be very careful removing support material.

I made it at TechShop!

Step 3: Cut Apart

Picture of Cut Apart
Very carefully cut apart the gauges at the part that's supposed to go through your ear.

Step 4: Paint/Seal

Picture of Paint/Seal
Seal the gauges with enamel. You don't want to wear the resin directly on your earlobe (it leaches chemicals), so this will make the earrings much safer to wear.

Step 5: Glue the earring posts on

Picture of Glue the earring posts on

Step 6: Drill out a spot for the earring backs

Picture of Drill out a spot for the earring backs
I used a Dremel. The resin is easily deformed, which means that clamping will be extremely difficult. However, the flexibility of the resin means your earring backs will press fit beautifully!

Be extremely careful not to overclamp, as your earring can shatter.

Step 7: Press fit and glue in earring backs

Picture of Press fit and glue in earring backs

Step 8: Touch-up

Picture of Touch-up
Re-paint anywhere that got scratched.

Step 9: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!
lebowski2 years ago
Awesome, nice work!