Picture of 3D Print Faux Gauges
I think gauge earrings can be really pretty, but don't want to give up regular earrings. When I learned about faux gauges- gauges that pull apart to have regular earring components inside- I immediately wanted to make some.

This instructable shows how to make the earrings via 3D print, but if you skip ahead a few steps and buy or make some real gauges, you should be able to make faux gauges without the 3D print component. 3D printing seemed good to me because I could make sure both sides were identical!

Printing was done at TechShop!

Step 1: Design Earrings

Picture of Design Earrings
I used Autodesk 3D Studio to design mine.

I also played around with Sculpey clay beforehand to work out what shape I wanted to make- you might want to try it out.
lebowski2 years ago
Awesome, nice work!