Introduction: 3D-Print Removal Tool

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Adhession is needed for 3D prints. But somehow some objects are very sticky and hard to remove.

Follow this short tutorial to modify a cutter knife for your 3D printing needs.

You need:

  • 1 cutter knife
  • 1 Dremel or similar tool
  • 1 Dremel rotary sanding tool.

Step 1: Sharpen Unused Edges

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Prepare your Dremel and make this edge pretty sharp on both sides

Work slow for best results.

Step 2: Done & Safety Instructions

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Your knife turned into a removal and universal cutting tool for "push" operations.
Just put it below the object and the adhessive surface.

Make sure, that your hand which is actually hold the object, is always behind the direction of all cutting operations. Never make cuts in the direction toward your hand.

You can clean now your glass or even the BuildTak(TM) surface - to clean it properly.

When cleaning the BuildTak Surface, use some Acetone as cleaning detergent to support cleaning.


seamster (author)2015-08-03

Nice and simple modification! Looks like this will work perfectly.

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