Introduction: 3D Print Skeleton Robot

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Skeleton robot is a very simple toy. Maybe you have already bought one, but do you want to customize a suit of it by yourself? You can add some icon only for you, or design your favorite charactors. It will be awesome!! 3D Printing will help you to make it real.

So, let's start!!

Step 1: Choose Software&3D Printer

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Modeling Software: 123D Design Desktop

Get from here:

3D Printer: Up! Plus 2

Filament: ABS

Step 2: Design and Test Joints

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This step was very important for this project. You must try to print out all the types of joints with different clearance, to find out the best combination. Different 3D printer with different filament, the clearance will be very different case. ABS was better than PLA to print joint structures, especially for ball joint.

Here is my research on different 3D printer and filament for your reference:

Printer+Filament | Clearance


Makerbot + PLA | 0.4mm, hard to separate them

Up!Plus 2 + ABS | 0.1mm, a little hard to separate them

Up!Plus 2 + PLA | 0.2mm, hard to separate them

So, you need to design the joint and print out, feel the joint, tight or loose was not the best. Then, modify your design and print out. Repeat this workflow several time, I think you must can find out the right one.

Once successfully, it will be easy for you to move to the next step.

Step 3: Create Model

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After completing the previous step, create model will be easier. Just copy and paste the joint, then connect them together. Add head, hands and feet, it is easy. Export to STL, you can start printing it.

Here is my model, you can reference:

Step 4: Printing Out

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2 hours later, it can finish printing. Remove the raft and support material, then break all joints gently.

Congratulations!! The skeleton robot appear, it can pose for your photos.

Step 5: Pose for Photos

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Cool!! Start take photos for them with different poses.


godoss (author)2015-09-06

i can't to print the joint... then I printed all pieces separeted... to connect the pieces I put it in the hot water... then the piece be soft and is possible to connect it without break

Ally Zhao (author)godoss2015-09-06

Which printer you used? This model was good for printing using Up! Plus 2 with ABS filament. If you didn't use this printer, you need to change the clearance of the joints can work. Thanks.

vinicius.lucas.3139 made it! (author)2014-12-16

I split all those pieces to be sure our 3D Systems Cube would print the model. And I also wanted to be able to turn that joints useful for some other model.

Great Job!

Thanks. It is cool. :)

seamster (author)2014-11-20

This is pretty impressive! I had no idea you could print a ball joint in one shot like that. So cool!

jwu1981 (author)2014-11-20

Nice, it is so cute

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