3D Print a Fidget Spinner




Introduction: 3D Print a Fidget Spinner

Here's a quick tutorial on how to make your own DIY Fidget Spinner. You will need the following tools and software:

A 3D Printer

Autodesk Inventor

Material for your printer such as ABS or PLA

4 or more standard skateboard bearings (22mm diameter, 7mm thick)

Step 1: Getting Started

Open up Autodesk Inventor. Click on New at the top left. Select the Metric templates folder. Double-click Standard (mm) Click on Start 2D Sketch. Select the XY Plane to begin drawig.

Step 2: Drawing Circles

Use the Circle tool to create a circle that is 22mm in diameter. After you've clicked Circle, click the yellow point in the middle. Type in 22 and press enter. Now, follow the middle line up and create another circle using the same process. Use the middle-click button and move the mouse if you need the scroll the document.

Step 3: Dimensions

Now, find the Dimension tool in the top bar. After clicking on dimension, click the center of each circle, move your mouse to the right a bit, click again, and type in a value for the distance between them. I personally recommend to do 33mm, but you can pick any value close to that.

Step 4: More Circles

Let's use the Circle tool again. Click on the center of each circle you've drawn and create a new outer circle with a diameter of 27mm. Now, click on the line tool. Draw a line straight down for the left edpe of the top outer circle to the bottom outer circle. Do the same for the

Step 5: Fidgeting Comes Alive

Find the Trim tool in the top bar. Click on Trim and then select the inner edges of the big circles. Now we are going to expand this drawing automatically. Click on the Circular pattern tool. Drag your mouse across to select everything we've drawn so far and then release it. Now click on the red pointer icon next to Axes and click the center of the bottom circle. Change the number 6 to however many wings you want your spinner to have, a traditional spinner has 3. Now, you are ready to click Finish Sketch.

Step 6: Extruding

Click on Extrude. Click on each of the legs of your fidget spinner. Type in 7mm for the thickness. At this point, you are done! Click FIle then Export. Usually, you will want to choose a STL file to export to, and then you can print that using your 3D printer's software.



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