3D Print a Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner

by Loann BOUDIN | 2015

My purpose to design a mini USB vacuum cleaner was the consequence of the mess I was confronted to, after making stuff for hours with plastic, wood, and electronic parts on my desk.

I needed a small and efficient device to clean the mess, so I decided to design and make my own.

This mini vacuum cleaner is very helpful ! I can now easily clean my laptop keyboard, my desk, and all the small fragile items I collect.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need the following parts and tools for this project:

• super glue
• a screwdriver
• 6x Pozidriv screws (I found them into an old CD driver)
• a scalpel / cutter
• flat pliers
• cutting pliers
• sandpaper
• heatshrink (4 mm diameter)
• a soldering iron
• solder
• a calliper
• 1x DC motor RE-140 (I chose this motor because it is very common, and you can easily find it in old toys. If you decide to use a different kind of motor, do not forget to change the SolidWorks files)
• an old USB Apple cable (from IPhone 5 or more recent)
• a switch (6*12 mm)
• a LEGO technique fixation
• a flexible pipe (I used an old flexible pipe from a LEGO kit)
• a tea bag (for the filter)
• a 3D printer / a 3D printing service

<p>Just to let you know...</p><p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiNsbSyu6ns">Roman Ursu</a> stole your cover picture for<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiNsbSyu6ns"> his Youtube video</a>...</p>
<p>Thank you for letting me know. Yeah I just saw that.. I made some comments in the comment section of his Instructable and of his Youtube video. <br>It's pretty sad to use the work of others only to get more views...</p>
<p>Using your picture without permission, And not linking back, Even worse</p><p>All he cares about is the money that flows from Youtube Adsense. Sad... :(</p>
<p>I must say, if you ever spill your coke on a desk, this would be helpful XD</p>
<p>Very cool project. You should make up some matching small attachments.</p>
<p>I'm printing it right now! </p><p>Thanks for original SLDPRT-files- i have edited motorholder and top cover.</p>
<p>I really need one of these. I'd totally print one if my 3d printer was competent enough to pull it off.</p>
<p>version 2.0; a mini shopvac</p>
<p>is there no risk of a voltage spike from the motor when you turn it off? I thought usually dc motors like this would have filter caps and a protective diode so that they can't overload the supply with an induced voltage spike when power is cut. it's a cool design, but I think i'd probably modify the circuit powering it with some surge protection to avoid the risk of frying a usb port.</p>
You're absolutely right ! <br><br>I hesitated to add this protection in my circuit, but I preferred to show a simple circuit, understandable by all. <br>I realize now that this protection is essential: I would feel guilty if someone fry his USB port because of me :(<br><br>I will change my circuit and my Instructable today by following your advice ! <br><br>Thank you !! :)
<p>What WHITE STUFF is depictured on the video? )) Haven't your cleaner spoke to you sth wise, good and eternal after that test? ))</p><p>THANKS FOR IBLE! </p>
<p>just a suggestion. Your turbine is quite big, if your pipe could have a larger inner diameter it should be able to suck more without losing sucking pressure.</p><p>Pretty smexy mini shopvac. Would love to try this oce I get a hold of a 3D printer</p>
I'm making one write now. My 3d printer is hard at work!!
<p>Good luck ! I hope the result will be great, let me know when it is finished ;-)</p>
<p>Product looks market ready. Very professional looking project.</p><p>Would a disposable coffee filter work instead of the tea bag? I think it would do a better job filtering the small dust particles but don't know if that would compromise the suction. </p>
<p>Thank you for your comment ! <br><br>By the way, I tried today to use a coffee filter instead of the tea bag, which is thicker. Unfortunately, the turbine sucks not enough air, and the suction become really bad...</p>
<p>cool project ! on the funny side it would be useful to suck up virus from a windows box lol </p>
Cool project,looks professinal!
conrats! superb project!
Thank you mertmg !
I'm glad you like it !
wow this is awesome! I've looked around for a 3d printed vacuum before, but I couldn't find anything. keep up the good work!
Thank you so much !
<p>Excellent project and a great instructable. Correction: The screws that you have used are not Phillips they are Pozidriv. The difference is in the shape in the centre and the shape of the bottom of the fitting. Very few devices use Phillips screws these days.</p>
<p>thank you Mindmapper1 ! I corrected the error, thanks for the explication :)</p>

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