3D Print a Samsung Galaxy 8.9/10.1 Active Dock





Introduction: 3D Print a Samsung Galaxy 8.9/10.1 Active Dock

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Do you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9" or 10.1" tablet?? If so here is a full featured docking solution!

At work we bought a fleet of 8.9 LTE Tab's and I immediately began creation of a dock that would work with a naked unit or with a TPU case on it.

Each dock has an adapter locking center channel and cable tunnel for the 30 pin power/data cable. I included 2 40mm unique dowels so you can easily slide the unit apart for addition and removal of the cable. The unit holds your Tab at a 20 degree angle perfect for desk usage or next to the bed. I widened the stance with the rear wedges so you can rest assured there will be no tipping even if your a hardcore screen basher. There are also dual front and rear speaker ports so you can mega jam even when docked with the 8.9!

I have uploaded 2 different solutions that work on each tablet variant (not physically tested on the 10.1 but the qualifying dimensions are the same):

1.) A standard sized dock that minimizes plastic used and print duration. This dock allows you to grip the side of the Tab in the dock and easily use a thumb keyboard without pulling it from the dock!

2.) A jumbo dock that goes almost to the edge of the 8.9 and looks like a dock that you might buy at a retailer (or at least I like to think so...).

All docks pictured with logos were on my beta units only and all uploaded docks are free of any branding.


This is for the Make It Real Challenge!

Grab the standard dock here: http://www.123dapp.com/skp-3D-Model/Samsung-Galaxy-89101-active-dock/597492 

Grab the Big dock here: http://www.123dapp.com/skp-3D-Model/Samsung-Galaxy-89101-active-dock-Big/597493 

This is one of my workflow processes you could follow to try out 3D printing for "nearly free": https://www.instructables.com/id/Basic-workflow-for-3D-design-in-Sketchup-and-3D-pr/

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    I use this for my work Samsung tablet and it is awesome. I just need one for my iPad now.

    1 reply

    Sweet! how was the fit?? You do the long or short dock??


    I"m waiting for my Printrbot, maybe I'll mod this for my Gigabyte Tablet...

    1 reply

    Nice! I missed the kickstarter buy in option but I'm interested in its foot print and lower cost approach! I would love to know what you think after you get a chance to run it in. Good luck Michael!

    awesome.. i want to do one for my ipad.. but im thinking printing is gonna be expensive.. just did a tiny iphone case.. it as like 20 bucks :(

    2 replies

    Hmm, have you chickedy-checked out some of the small foot print entry level 3D printers? This is a new one that just funded from kickstarter: http://printrbot.com/ . There are lots of open source 3D printers you can build too if you like a challenge: http://reprap.org/wiki/Prusa_Mendel then you can really play with plastic!

    ill check it out thanks!!

    They are extreme fun! I run a Thing-O-Matic from MakerBot and love it!