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My pal Diego and I wanted to make something cool for our artist collective called "OUR HOUSE". He came up with this super sweet logo for our project, and I wanted to 3D print it as an ornament. I think it could be made in to jewelry too, and I hope to make a mold from this model. (Next Instructable!)

He sent me his Adobe Illustrator logo file, so I started hacking away at it to create some models that we could print :D

Step 1: Export your vector.

Picture of Export your vector.
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I received a set of grouped paths in a vector file, which I opened in Adobe Illustrator.

To open this vector in a modeling program like Tinkercad, I had to export it to a .SVG file.

To do this, I selected my vector, and went to File>SAVE AS.

I selected the .SVG filetype and then hit OK.
Edgar2 years ago
Voted, and going to the Blog, today.
Inventables have some neat Materials for Molding, the usual stuff, I bought a 2 product molding kit, and it works ok, and now, lotsa Smoothon products.
I'd use one of these for a Mold, and Sugru for outdoors, Oogoo for indors, but that's just me.
Tomdf2 years ago
Sweet, this is going to be super useful!
dworley2 years ago
M.C. Langer2 years ago
Awesome Audrey!!! I love it!!