My pal Diego and I wanted to make something cool for our artist collective called "OUR HOUSE". He came up with this super sweet logo for our project, and I wanted to 3D print it as an ornament. I think it could be made in to jewelry too, and I hope to make a mold from this model. (Next Instructable!)

He sent me his Adobe Illustrator logo file, so I started hacking away at it to create some models that we could print :D

Step 1: Export Your Vector.

I received a set of grouped paths in a vector file, which I opened in Adobe Illustrator.

To open this vector in a modeling program like Tinkercad, I had to export it to a .SVG file.

To do this, I selected my vector, and went to File>SAVE AS.

I selected the .SVG filetype and then hit OK.
Voted, and going to the Blog, today. <br>Inventables have some neat Materials for Molding, the usual stuff, I bought a 2 product molding kit, and it works ok, and now, lotsa Smoothon products. <br>I'd use one of these for a Mold, and Sugru for outdoors, Oogoo for indors, but that's just me. <br>
Sweet, this is going to be super useful!
Awesome Audrey!!! I love it!!

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