3D Print a Functional Armored Boot!





Introduction: 3D Print a Functional Armored Boot!

Create your own 3D printed armored boot!

1. Design in a 3D software based on your chosen themed armored boot. I used Maya 2012 student edition, or you could use something like Blender. Create joints based on the movement you would like the plates to have. I used five separate pieces to joint together. 

2. Buy post screws, machine screws, and two sets of pull springs from a couple local hardware stores. I used Home Depot and Orchard Hardware Supply. 

3. Use 3D model editing software such as Netfabb to size and slice your work into printable pieces. 

4. Print using a 3D printer. I use an Afinia H-Series, which is small but can print in ABS for functional rigidity. Then weld the pieces together using acetone mixed with the scraps of plastic.

5. Assemble the boot by screwing holes in the joints and inserting the bolts. 

6. Buy some yoga matting, cut it out to fit inside the armor, then duct tape or glue it into the inside of the armor for soft cushioning. 

7. Take video and pics, then share with friends and the world! Go run around in it and find out where it breaks, adapt, build again or weld it back. ENJOY! :)



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    could i get this in a cura file i have a lulzbot in my class and i would love to make it


    ple send each peace


    Hi guys, yes I have brought together a team of people to create an entire functional MK 42 prototype suit with servos, locks, control panel, head display, raspberry pi computing, ventilation and more! The team is just starting out and we are keeping our 3D models with joints and other original engineering that I have done within the project for the time being. We also have access to a giant CNC machine now, and just today figured out how to route in Aluminum!

    I do wish I had a larger 3D printer, even though this Afinia works so well in accuracy. Hopefully I could win the Makerbot in this contest! Vote for me if you can! :)

    If you need large 3d printed part i have a makerbot z18. I could print parts for you

    could you make an entire armor outfit/suit?

    hello jcpioneer,

    is it possible to have the files for 3dprint , i have a prusa 3i p802na , my shoe size is 42 , can you help me ?


    Ok, the video is uploaded of me moving in the boot! I am working on 3D printing a lock mechanism which seems to be working so far for the boot shin plate to connect to the calf plate once they close.

    This is amazing, but one question never answered, will you ever upload the STL files? Please?

    I have a head with faceoff feature to trade for your boots bra. STL to STL all or nothing. It includes adaptation for stepper motors required for the faceoff cycle to occur, and there are upgrades on the head for negotion or NDA integration to mutual success - I don't want to spend a lot of time on this and my body parts are very awesome. They used to call me part-man at Honeywell.


    Freakin sweet lol, good job, wonder how hard it would be to add a semi-rigid Kevlar shell lol .........

    I will tell you what. I am going to start on my own version. love what you are doing. if you need any parts milled let me know i can do them for you. in trade for the current and updated stl files. to help me catch up on the project. this way we can collaborate better and help quicken the pace of development. also in order to make this go faster I will build a much much larger 3d printer platen 36x36 with a 36 inch z axis travel for larger taller parts.