Picture of 3D Print/CNC Custom Headset Cap For You're Bike
The headset cap is the small piece at the top of the fork. It keeps dust and dirt from entering the headset assembly. It is a relatively simple part and be easily customized. There are many websites and stores were they could be bought but, if you have the ability to print you're own or CNC it then why not. You can put almost any design onto it, or you can even incorporate a Go-Pro mount (However I'm sure thats patented so I'm not going to post how to copy it). I am new to 3D design so feel free to improve on my part and please comment a pic if you do. I currently don't have access to a 3D printer (However if I'm lucky that could change) so I haven't printed this part (yet).  
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Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
To Design this you'll need:
A 3D design program.  I used Autodesk 3Ds Max (because I'm a student :), There are free alternatives  such as Google sketchup for those who aren't students. I don't know how to use that software but megaduty has posted many sketchup instructables and was nice enough to help me start using the program. 
Thats all you need to design it. 
Helpful items, A bike, A Ruler. 

Step 2: Measurements

Picture of Measurements
Forks come in many shapes and sizes so it's best to get the measurements of you're bike. Or the bike that you plan to be putting it onto. After measuring our three X/C/All Mountain bikes my measurements were: 3cm, 3.5cm, 3.3cm. So that should provide a baseline if you don't have access to a bike. To be even more precise you can completely remove the cap from the headset using an allen key. If you do this be careful getting crude inside you're headset can damage the bike. 
nice job with this! I'd love to see how you would build a go pro attachment like this! don't worry about patents, if you're not selling anything it's totally fair game, and I think it would be such a cool instructable! I think you should just go for it!
Was this featured? I saw it in the featured section of 3D printing in the technology section, but there's no banner/strip at the top. I don't need a membership or anything, just wondering if it was?, Thanks.
Here it is, sort of
I'll see what I can do. But I'm new to modeling so it might take a while.
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How do I submit an Instructable to the group?
First join the group, then click on the "add Instructable" button
Zaphod Beetlebrox (author)  randofo2 years ago
Wow, I totally din't see that button. Really feel dumb now.