Picture of 3D Printable Ninja Light Sword / Katana Color Changing LED Lamp

This is a fully open source 3D Printable Ninja Sword Lamp. It is both easy to build (providing you have access to a 3D printer) and very affordable. My total cost to build was less then $32 and I have included links to where I purchased the electronics. These parts can be found from many other vendors. All links provided are not to be considered endorsements. They are simply where I happen to make my purchases. The build took about an hour including the hand filing of 3D prints and was very simple. That time frame does not include the time needed to print the pieces. This lamp is super bright, easy to control and it looks awesome!


Height: 31"
Widtgh: 4.5"
Voltage: 12V
Amperage: 1A
Colors: 7
Control: IR Remote
LED wavelengths: 630nm/530nm/475nm

Step 1: Hand File And Pre-fit All 3D Printed Parts

Picture of Hand File And Pre-fit All 3D Printed Parts
For cleaning up prints I prefer a set of small hand files of various shape and size. This method is both clean and precise however it is tedious. Feel free to use a dremel or whatever method you prefer. The areas of importance are the inner circles of all the various handle components. Take care to file down any zippers and hand fit prior to heating up the hot glue gun. 

Bill Of Materials:

1. 1m RGB LED Strip Light Purchased Here: Adafruit For $16.99
2. LED Controller Purchased Here: Amazon For $6.99
3. 12V DC 1000mA Regulated Power Supply Purchased Here: Adafruit For $8.95
4. Hot Glue Gun
5. Electrical Tape
6. Hot Glue Gun
7. 5mm tall rubber bumpers
8. All 3D Printed Parts. Files Are Available For Free Download Here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:67433
ColinDJPat2 years ago
This actually gave me a really great idea for part of a Rex Power Colt costume. Thanks for posting! :)
randofo2 years ago
Nice project. This is a cool use of 3D printing.