Picture of 3D Printable No Tip Cup Coaster
If you have young children that aren't too careful with open cups, or if you'd just rather not have to worry about accidentally elbowing your drink, then this convenient little holder would help you out a lot. It keeps your cup from tipping over easily, AND acts as a coaster to protects your tables and counters.

This Instructable is going to show you how to make a 3D printable drink holder on 123d Design  ( ) that drastically decreases the chances of your drink tipping over, acts as a coaster, and can be washed. 

Now, the attached is an stl. file of the holder I made (No, the poorly made soda can isn't included). It will fit drinks with a diameter of 7 cm or less (most soda or beer cans, bottles, and cups). You can download mine, or If you want to make a larger or smaller holder, I'll leave a formula at the end of this Instructable so you can plug in your own measurement, get the angles right, and have a holder that's to scale when printed!

First thing is first, download the desktop version of 123d Design at, open a new project, and change your unit to cm if it isn't already!
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Step 1: The Base

Picture of The Base
To make the base:

1) Create a circle with a diameter of 13 cm
2) Extrude the circle up 0.5 cm
3) Move the shape and delete the original circle from underneath it

Step 2: The Inner Wall

Picture of The Inner Wall
To make the inner wall:

1) Make a circle with a diameter of 8 cm
2) Extrude the circle up 3 cm
3) Move the shape and delete the circle from underneath it
4) Use the shell tool to select both faces (top and bottom) of the cylinder you're working with, and make it hollow with a thickness of 0.5 cm
mateukmiec1 year ago
wow, immpresive.. pokrzywki to leczenie tylko z szybka pilka
I'm just getting started with 123d and as someone completely new to 3d printing software I found your instructable very helpful. I followed your instructions step by step and I'm now a little more familiar with 123d. Thanks for teaching me some new tricks!
ClairePawlewitz (author)  appliancejunk1 year ago
Thanks! And no problem, I'm glad I could help!
Xander121 year ago
ClairePawlewitz (author) 1 year ago
I'm glad you like it!
mcaustinsr1 year ago
When I became disabled, I had a real bad problem where my hands would shake uncontrollably. After knocking over my drink as I tried to reach for it, I decided I needed something to give stability in spite of my non stable hands. I use a standard roll of tape, duct tape or masking tape. I fold a paper towel in half, set it on top of the roll and press down with my glass to form an absorbing barrier between the glass and the roll of tape. It has worked beautifully! However I would much rather have something more aesthetic and doesn't take quite as much space. This looks perfect! Thanks for sharing!
E Major1 year ago
Good idea!
Cool I think that the 3d printer is very cool
I think you will win it !!! Your object is so useful
Mine is just a .... Toy
ClairePawlewitz (author) 1 year ago
Thanks! And thanks @Mirnatarek2002 your robot is really cool, I read that :) by the way, I just had a field day trying to spell your username
logwet1 year ago
Cool, when i can afford a 3d printer i'm gonna print one of these :P
So beautiful
Very great idea
I think it is better than mine
(The amazing robot)
ClairePawlewitz (author) 1 year ago
Thanks :) And oh my gosh, YES! Now I want to see what that would look like