Picture of 3D Printable Reusable Water Bottle
Being able to 3D print a water bottle would be super cool, so I'm going to show you how to create the model!

I'm going to show you how to make a 3D printable water bottle using Autodesk 123d Design desktop version! It's awesome, download it here 

After thinking through several water bottle designs, I concluded that doing it this way is one way to make it 3d printable without having a screw on top. The two plugs on the top block two holes: One for drinking from, and another larger one to make cleaning the bottle more convenient. Due to the small decrease in the size of the plugs in relation to the holes, being a fraction of a millimeter smaller, the plugs should fit snuggly.

I attached an stl. file with the design. It's in separate pieces in the model, so that you can print it then put it together

First, download 123d Design, start a new project, and change your units to centimeters
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Step 1: The Body

Picture of The Body
To make the body:

1) Create a cylinder from the primitive shapes that has a radius of 3.5 cm and a height of 20 cm

2) Use the shell tool to hollow out the cylinder by selecting both the top and bottom bases with the Ctrl key. Make the thickness 0.5 cm

3) Create another cylinder with the same radius of 3.5 cm and a height of 0.5 cm

4) Tap the bottom of the smaller cylinder to the top of the larger cylinder

5) Create another cylinder with the same radius of 3.5 cm and a height of 1 cm

6) Move the large cylinder up 1 cm

7) Tap the top of the new smaller cylinder to the underside of the larger cylinder

8) Use the combine tool to combine all of these tapped objects into one object: the body
yami7591 year ago
I don't think many 3D printer filament types are food/water safe...
You can get Food Grade PLA, Extruder and hot end parts should also be made of aluminum and/or stainless steel to avoid lead contamination.
ClairePawlewitz (author) 1 year ago
Good question, some kinds of filament are safe, such as specifically food-safe filament, but otherwise it's not known for sure, or that i could find. You could treat the print in some sort of food safe coating though
spyder20211 year ago
great job on the 3D model
spyder20211 year ago
just wondering is the ABS that the printers print out safe enough to use as a drinking bottle?