3D Printable Locomotive for LEGO Gauge





Introduction: 3D Printable Locomotive for LEGO Gauge

So.. when your kids ask you for a "like no other" train and you happen to own 3D printer with bed size 15x15 cm or more, you...
Have everything to successfully fulfill their request! :)
It's just as easy as printing out of ABS or PLA set of objects most of which have not more than 3 cm height.
(Ok, you'll need 2 pcs 1.5mm bicycle spokes, some 50 cm of 3mm printing filament, the same amount of 1.75mm filament and a Super Glue or acetone based glue). Average skills in building classic plastic models of planes etc. would be helpfull..
Please be carefull these materials/objects can be harmfull and even cause fire at your home. Always keep to the safety instructions provided with the materials used.

The model to be printed is available from now on for free download just here in this instructable (personal use only).

If you really like it - you can also buy it - I'm selling it in the following shops:

I wanted to make this instructable least complicated possible. I believe words would be highly insufficient. Pictures are allways better for describing the assembly process..

Have fun and good luck!

PS1. Please let me know If you have any suggestions and remarks regarding this project..

PS2. You could scale it down for "O" gauge (32mm) the scaling factor is: 0.847 - it will fit the track, but will not reflect any established model railroading scale.

PS.3 The latest generation of my collection has a radio-controlled version of the locomotive. Visit www.euroreprap.eu for more information.

Step 1: Assembly - Engine

Step 2: Assembly - Chassis and Couplers

Step 3: Assembly - Cabin, Doors With Hinges

Step 4: Assembly - Engine Compartment and Its Doors (with Hinges)

And front grill, lights.. of course..

That's all
Thank you :)



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There is nice you project. I just start to do on my own 3D printer.

What is the name of this locomotive?

I will try to make it functionaly!


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Great! :)

This locomotive is an imagination only (I thought about various models while working on it but I'd say models SM-42 and 401DA were the main inspirations) Please note that they're not narrow gauge, while my model is...

..Teporary motorized version allready exists, but I'm working on a much better designed one...

Please take a look:


Thank you so much.

pleas to visit my campain at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/reviving-the-cars-of-the-past-with-3d-printing/x/10175513#/story

I added this as a favorite and I may have to make a full train set... It seems that the carriage and bogeys would be easily modified into flatbeds and boxcars. When I purchase/build a printer that is. I will also make sure to buy your plans. $12 is a deal for the amount of work you put in.

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Thank you for your words!
Actually, other elements of set are being designed too (togehther with the motorized version of the locomotive) but they will not be ready soon because of my other project..

My nephew loves trains and I love 3D printing. Everyone wins. Great work!

You mean you made it?
-You're fast! The first one took me 3 days to assamble parts. Now I manage to finish them in 2 evenings..

The one on photos was printed with RepRap class printer similar to Mendel Max

Very cool project. When I get a 3D printer, this is the type of stuff I'll be making. So cool!

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