3D Printed 1:10 OpenRC Formula 1 Car





Introduction: 3D Printed 1:10 OpenRC Formula 1 Car

This is the OpenR/C Formula 1 car. It´s the third generation 3D printed OpenR/C car and this time around focus is on simplicity! You can print everything in PLA except the tires which are done in NinjaFlex! Of course you can print it in any material you like but for those that want to print a car but only have PLA at hand, this is the project for you!

This guide explains how to assemble the OpenRC F1 car. If you want to add electronics to make it radiocontrolled another step will be added later.

All files needed including STL´s, BOMlist, drawings, STEP file of the assembly are available here:




There´s a hardware/electronics kit is available here at www.3dprintnpack.com

There´s a article on Pinshape.com about the OpenRC F1 and if you are unfamiliar with The OpenRC Project you can read this article on Hackaday.com

When you have completed a OpenR/C project you can add it to the OpenRC Buildmap.

Step 1: Introduction to the Project and Starting of With the Chassie Plates

This is mainly an introduction to the project but there are still pieces to print and assemble!

These two plates are the only ones i print with 3 perimiters or more and higher infill rate at about 35%. Most other parts are printed with 2 perimiters with a 10-15% infill at 0.2mm layerheight.

Printed parts needed:

  • Chassie Rear
  • Chassie Front

Step 2: Rear Axle Assembly

Putting together the Rear Axle Assembly and mounting it to the chassie plates.

Printed parts needed

  • 1pcs - Wheel Axle Holder Left
  • 1pcs - Wheel Axle Holder Right
  • 1pcs - Rear Wheel Axle
  • 1pcs - Spur Gear

Non-Printed parts needed

  • 2pcs - Bearings 12x18x4
  • 4pcs - Countersunk screws M3x8
  • 4pcs - M3 nuts

Documentation available

  • Rear Axle Assembly.pdf

Step 3: Front BOM Assembly (excluding Steering)

Putting together the Front BOM Assembly

Printed parts needed

  • 1pcs - Front Lower BOM
  • 1pcs - Front Upper BOM
  • 1pcs - Front BOM Block
  • 2pcs - Front Wheel Hub
  • 2pcs - Front Axle

Non-Printed parts needed

  • 8pcs - Countersunk screws M3x8
  • 2pcs - M3 nuts

Documentation available

  • Front BOM Assembly.pdf

Step 4: Steering and Servo Saver

Let´s get the steering in place and figure out the servo saver.

Printed parts needed

  • 1pcs - Servo Saver Lower
  • 1pcs - Servo Saver Upper
  • 2pcs - Steering Push Pin

Non-Printed parts needed

  • 3pcs - Roundhead screws M3x8
  • 2pcs - Countersunk screws M3x8
  • 2pcs - Countersunk screws M3x12
  • 2pcs - M3 nuts

Optional if your adding electronics

  • 1pcs Servo Holder (printed),
  • 2pcs M3x8 CS screws (non-printed)

Documentation available

  • Front BOM Assembly.pdf

Step 5: Rear Wing & Diffuser + Rainlight

Short and easy, two parts added to the rear of the car.

Printed parts needed

  • 1pcs - Rainlight and Diffuser
  • 1pcs - Rear Wing

Non-Printed parts needed

  • 2pcs - Countersunk screws M3x8
  • 2pcs - M3 nuts

Step 6: Adding the Body and Details

Now things are taking shape and this is starting to look more like a Formula 1 car, it´s time to assemble the body and add some details!

Printed parts needed

  • 1pcs - Motor Cover
  • 1pcs - Center Body
  • 1pcs - Center Lid
  • 1pcs - Front
  • 1pcs - Nose
  • 1pcs - Lock Pin
  • 1pcs - Camera
  • 1pcs - Main Turning Vane Left
  • 1pcs - Main Turning Vane Right
  • 1pcs - Rear View Mirror Left
  • 1pcs - Rear View Mirror Right

Non-Printed parts needed

  • 12pcs - Countersunk screws M3x8
  • 1pcs - Countersunk screws M3x12
  • 13pcs - M3 nuts

Step 7: Finishing Up, Adding Wheels and We Are Done!

We did it. all that´s left is to add the much needed wheels to our F1 car!

Now don´t forget to add your new F1 car to the OpenRC BuildMap.

Printed parts needed

  • 2pcs - Rear Rim
  • 2pcs - Front Rim
  • 4pcs - Wheel Lock Nut
  • 4pcs - Tire

Non-Printed parts needed

  • 4pcs - Countersunk screws M3x8
  • 4pcs - Bearing 8x12x3,5

Optional if you are not 3D Printing the tires

  • 2pcs - Rear Rim For F104 Tire (printed) (search Thingiverse.com for files)
  • 2pcs - Front Rim For F104 Tire (printed) (search Thingiverse.com for files)
  • 4pcs Tires for Tamiya F104 (Ask in the community for a good source in your region)

Documentation available

  • Rear Wheel Assembly.pdf
  • Front Wheel Assembly.pdf

Step 8: Before You Leave, Watch the Entire Build in "Timelapse Mode"

Here´s a timelapse of me building the entire car. Enjoy


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i am new to 3D printing, and I WANT A 3D PRINTER,

what can you recomend? by banggood they got some called the PRUSSA3/4 or so

about the cost by banggood 400 euro.

but if needeed i am willing to pay more.

so i can build this also, wow what a build man

I have a great 3d printer (Prusa i3 from Zonestar) bought from Aliexpress. The only thing i could recommend is buying a new heated bed. Apart from that, it's a really good and precise printer for just about 270 euros (price of new printer bed and customs costs included).

DUDE, i just bought some Nike`s for 180 euro.
thats almost a fricking 3D printer.
i still have to learn a lot i know now.

PM me
i want some more info, i am a regular buyer at ali and Bang,
almost every day,so i have some questions for me to know before i buy it.
but thanx all of you for thinking with me.

I thing Flashforge Dreamer is alot of 3D Printer for the buck but it´s still around 1000 Euro which i gues maybe a bit over the budget here. How about a new Prusa i3 Mk2?

Awesome! Nice work i know that was quite the project to accomplish.

This is a pretty intense build! Nice work!