Introduction: 3D Printed 2 Axis Mobius Action Camera Drone Gimbal Build Part 2: Adding Electronics

This is part 2 of a 'Quick and easy' manual for building the Banggood 3D printed 2 axis gimbal for the Mobius camera and covers attaching and setting up the gimbal controller and camera IMU sensor. The principles of the build apply to many drone action camera gimbal kits.

Here's the video menu: 00.07 - Deciding where to fix the gimbal controller; 00.20 - What you need + tools; 01.01 - Preparing and fitting the gimbal controller; 01.42 - attaching the IMU sensor; 01.55 - Bench Test; 02.12 - The BGC (AlexMos 8 bit) gimbal controller settings that worked in this build.